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Опубликовано: 2018-12-28

Продолжительность: 00:50:04

Good morning. Hi, newbie. Am I late? Right on time. Have fun on your first day on the job. The morning isn’t so good, though. They’ve brought two guys last night. A brawl and attempted rape. I don’t know the details yet. Come on, let’s see what’s up. OK..

Why are you sitting like this? Are you at a spa? Up! Vera... take him for interrogation. It’s your first assignment. Out. Come on, come on. What do we have here? Your face looks painfully... familiar. I think we’ve met. Follow me. Come on! Move it..

EPISODE 2 Freedom! You bastard! Get off the car! I can’t hear you, sir! Speak up. Nice to see you again, punk. Didn’t I tell you that you couldn’t hide from me? You really can’t. You’ve dinged up my hood. I had to pay a fortune to get it fixed! -Did you go bankrupt? -You bastard!.

Getting smart with me? Here! Here! Record of Kalinin interrogation. Take this! What are you doing? Do you feel pity for this rapist scum? OK, go for it. Don’t! Stop it. Hey, man. Wake up. Do you hear me?.

He’s got... no pulse. Ulia... what are you doing there? Baby! Ulia... God. You’re alive. My baby... my poor girl. Sweetheart. -Are you OK? -Yes, Mom..

-Are you? -I’ve calmed down. You see? I’m fine. My poor girl... I need to go to the police, Mom. Why? To get the guys out. Are you crazy? After what happened... I’ve got to do it, Mom. Yes. We have a body. The whole precinct was turned upside down. Filippov is raving like a wounded puma..

OK, bye. I got to go. -Can I help you? -Yes. Hello. You have my students in custody. Ignat Kalinin and Kostia Smirnov. Who are you? Their homeroom teacher. Look what you taught them. It was a stupid fight. They had an argument at their prom. -Do you call it an argument? -Which way? -The farthest door to the right. -Come on..

I can bail them out. Where do I sign? Too late, lady. Who is she? Get the drama queen out of here. Lady, what’s wrong with you? Come on! Don’t make a fuss. I need to... write a report. What are you going to report? There are witnesses... who saw Kalinin... beating up Smirnov..

As a result, he died. That’s all that happened. But... it’s not true. I can’t. There’s no such thing. Remember: ratting out your colleagues... is not our way. You’ve just started your police service. Anything can happen..

Got it? Great. I can see you’re smart. We’ll get along... just fine. My son! God, why are you punishing me? I gave you birth... I stayed awake... all nights for you....

Come on, Mom. -How shall we live without you? -Enough. This bloody Ignat! I’d strangle him with my own hands. Mom, come on. Stop it You idiot, hanging around with him! What a nice son-in-law he would make, killing us all. Calm down! -My son... My baby... -Maybe it wasn’t Ignat. -How shall I live? -He hasn’t been sentenced yet. Whose side are you on?.

Not sentenced! I don’t need a judge to tell me that. The post-mortem says he died because of the beating. This bastard was raised by a single mother. She raised a killer! I’ll rip out anyone’s throat for a friend! Kalinin. Come on. You have a visitor. Hands behind your back! I can’t sleep, Mikhalych. I keep seeing Kostia. How we used to go to school together... how we came to you. I see his smile..

Remember, he was always smiling. We used to... joke all the time... Now... the joke is on you. Mikhalych... I’ve been boxing since I was ten. I know how and where I hit him. I wasn’t trying to kill him. I swear. I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t! You were drunk. How much did you have to drink? A couple of wines....

A couple of what? Bottles? Of course not. Glasses. I wasn’t drunk out of my mind. I just wanted to stop Kostia. He was trying to rape Ulyana. That’s why I lashed out. I didn’t kill him, Mikhalych, I didn’t! Do you at least believe me? I do. Witness Meleshkin, did you call the police?.

Yes, Your Honor. I heard the shouting and immediately ran to the gym. When I saw the fight, I called the police at once. Have you met the defendant before? This one? Yes. He even beat me up once. What? I have medical records. All the injuries are listed there. Here. You’re lying! When did I beat you up?.

Defendant, sit down. I never hurt him! He’s lying. Witness Meleshkin, get to the point. I am getting to it. I saw him... hitting the other guy, Smirnov... if I remember his name correctly. Yes. He was hitting him mercilessly on the head. Normal people don’t fight like that. This bastard... is obviously sick..

Thank you, witness. You may step down. Lock him up and lose the key! Plaintiff Semakova... you say in your statement that Kalinin was defending your honor. Do you confirm it? I do. Kostia Smirnov... was drunk. He was trying to rape me. It was your own fault!.

Ignat... Ignat Kalinin came to my rescue. He was protecting me. Maybe he went too far. He miscalculated his blow... and it ended with a tragedy. Kalinin is guilty. I’m not saying that he isn’t. But I ask the court... not to ruin his life. Look at you, so compassionate!.

It wouldn’t have happened if not for you. She was flirting with him! It’s all her fault. What a disgrace for our school... Plaintiff, did you have close relations with Kalinin? Semakova, answer the judge. No. Of course not. It would be impossible. He is a student, and I’m his teacher. She has a fiance. My daughter is getting married. Vitaly, tell them..

Yes. That’s true. Under the circumstances... though, this decision... Defendant Kalinin... you can speak now. I don’t know what to say. I’m guilty. My best friend... is dead. Sentence me..

I just feel sorry for my mom. Do you? Do you feel sorry for us, too? Ignat, you need to appeal. Let them reopen the investigation. I’m not going to appeal, Ulyana. Whatever the court decides, I will take. Ignat, don’t be stupid. You’ll ruin your life. -Mom... -Son... Where are you going? Where are they taking you? Mom, I’m sorry..

I’m sorry I did this to you. I love you. I love you. Do you hear me? The pies! My heart almost exploded. My BP is through the roof. What did that judge woman say? I don’t remember. Guilty of what? Manslaughter by negligence. What negligence? It was a murder! And the sentence! They must have bribed the judge. They sure did. That’s how it is these days. Stop shouting!.

Ignat will serve five years in prison. Go on, feel pity for him! Idiot. He killed your brother. She pities him! First-timer? Yep. Name, alias? What are you charges? Who’s asking? I don’t know you. No respect. That’s just wrong..

I’m starting to be annoyed. I don’t know anything about your ways. And I don’t want to. I just want to serve my time and get out of here. Period. Bad guy. Attitude! But it won’t last long. Pick it up. You’re making your life harder, punk. We’ll have to teach you. Don’t be scared. Bastard!.

Stop it! On the ground. What did I say? On the floor, you scum! Down! Hands! Show me your hands. Move it! -I wonder how your Ignat is doing. -It must be hard for him to be in jail. Marina, do you still have a crush on him? Shut up, Orekhova. I almost forgot. I was admitted to the acting school. The Shchepka! I’m going to Moscow next week. -What joy! -Wow. Are you going to be an actress?.

Hey, girls. Hello. Hi... bitch. Is this the way to talk to your teacher? You deserve it. What’s in the bags? Look... she’s eating apples! And someone is eating thing broth in prison because of her. Do you sleep well, teach? No nightmares? -Marina, what’s wrong with you? -Ulyana Sergeyevna, let me help..

Cry me a river! I wonder what Iga found in you. Not much to look at. An ugly skunk! Marina, why are you so angry? I want to kiss you. Have wanted for a while. Since I first saw you. I don’t want it. I’m not a student anymore... and you aren’t my teacher. I love you..

I’m in love with another man. I’m going to marry him. Hey, boss! This bloke is dying! Send a doctor before he does! Open up, boss! Open up! Ulyana Sergeyevna, how nice of you to come. Let’s have lunch together. This is my son... Ignat. -Isn’t he handsome? -He is. His father was a hunk, too. He takes after him..

Just a moment. Take a seat. Ignat will be back from his practice soon. He is always so hungry. This is for Ignat. Yes. Let’s wait for him. Darya Ivanovna... why don’t we go see a doctor tomorrow? A doctor? Why? I’m fine. I don’t have time for this. I’m knitting a jumper for Ignat..

Here. He gets cold so easily. He’s late... How is he doing at school? Their old teacher always complained at him making lots of mistakes. You never do. He must have gotten better at it. Maybe he’ll even go to college. -Of course he will. -It would be so nice. It’s just... Ulyana Sergeyevna... I have a complaint, though..

Nobody ever comes to visit us anymore. Not Kostia, not Marina. You know Marina, right? She’s Ignat’s fiancee. Yes. She’s a nice girl. Yes. Nice and well-behaved. But she stopped coming for some reason. Maybe they had a fight. Ignat is so upset about it..

Please talk to her. Let her come. I’d be so glad. I’d give her some jam. Yes, sure. I’ll talk to her. Is everybody alive? So far. Good, good... Welcome back, Kalinin. How are you feeling? OK..

Let’s see. Do you know who stabbed you? I fell down from my cot... and hit a nail. Smart answer. Half an inch higher, and you wouldn’t be here. You have nothing to fear. Nobody can get to you here. You’ll stay at the infirmary until you heal. And then?.

Time will tell. Scythian? Are you a boxer, or is it your nickname? A boxer. My friend and I made them... to honor our club. Scythian... I saw something like this before. I wonder where. OK, Kalinin. Get better and get stronger. You’ll need it here..

And you guys, don’t stay too long. Hi, Iga. I feel shitty without you. Everything is shitty. I want to get out of here. My folks keep nagging at me. Dad is drinking every day now. This is a crappy life. Remember Ivantsova? She went to Moscow to become an actor..

She couldn’t put two words together at school, bloody skunk. I miss you, Iga. Remember our first kiss? It was at our kitchen. Dad was drunk, asleep in the room... and we were kissing... Doc said nobody could come in here. Some can. I, personally, have a universal pass. How is Mikhalych?.

-What? -Strict, as always? A one-klick ruck march if you’re one minute late? Sometimes. You’ll be in my squad. I’ll get it fixed. Nobody will touch you if you observe the rules. Everybody knows me around here. Seva. -Ignat. -Good, Ignat. OK, catch up on your meals and sleep. Right. Did Mikhalych ever mention me?.

I don’t think so. I used to be a promising boxer. I was in the junior team. But... it all went wrong. So, Mikhalych never forgave me. Have patience, son. You won’t have to wait long. Every dog has its day. I’ll show them. He answered me....

What is this crap doing here? Dad... are you drank again? Marina, where is the gas can? It used to be here. -When will you stop? -None of your business. Better find yourself a job, freeloader. How long are you going to live off me? Where are you going so late at night? Go find a job. I’m sick of your drinking! Here we are, Darya Ivanovna..

Thank you, Ulyana Sergeyevna. Here is your medicine... and the prescription. Please take it regularly. The doctor said you’d get well. Thank you, dear. I’ll be going. Ignat must be waiting. Goodbye. Thank you for your letter, Marina. The only one I got from outside..

I didn’t expect it. At least, you didn’t forget about me. He didn’t expect it. Silly. How would I forget you? I’ll write to you every day. Just write back. Iga, my darling! I’m very sorry I did it to your family, to Kostia. I’m sick... with remorse. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to redeem it..

What happened? A fire, I guess. I saw a fire engine. Let me take a look. Darya Ivanovna! Darya Ivanovna! Ulyana! -Ulyana! -Thank God you’re OK. I am. It was so beautiful! I wish you saw it. It’s just that Ignat’s books were burned....

And the papers. And the jumper... the one I was knitting. Never mind. You’re alive. This is what matters. Where is Ignat? Tell him to come home. There is no home. Daryan Ivanovna... Why don’t you come to our place? Come on. Darya Ivanovna, let me put the clock over here. OK. Take a sit..

Sit down. I’ll bring you a change of clothes. Mom. I’ll be right back. Mom. Darya Ivanovna will stay with us for a while, OK? Here? I don’t know. If that’s what you want... -It’s just... -Mom, she has no place to live..

OK. Let her stay with us. I’ll go put the kettle on. Thanks, Mom. Drunken swine! Get up, Dad! Why are you yelling? Did something happen? Yes. Did you set the house on fire? What are you talking about? What house? Darya’s! Ignat’s mother’s! Did it burn?.

What did you think? Did you douse it with water? It’s... God’s punishment... for our Kostia. Now they know. Marina, you... keep your mouth shut. Whom would I tell? Make sure you don’t spill the beans. Drunk! Go for it..

Does it hurt? No? Here? Let’s fix it. It’s done. Thank you. Vitaly, when is the big day? When do we give you away? -Joking again? -Spit. Are you having second thoughts? I’m not going to give you a report..

Vitaly... I envy you. Not everyone’s love would survive such a scandal. It was a test sent by God. People will remember it for years. Does it hurt? No? Do you accept my work? Sure. You need money for the banquet, the rings, and the bride. Bigmouth! Shall we fix it?.

Vitaly! Vitaly. You didn’t come or call me. I thought you were sick. No, no, I’m fine, as you can see. Did you want something? Vitaly, I really need your support right now. After what happened... I’m afraid I can’t do it alone. You see, Ulyana, I... -Hello, Vitaly. -Hi. Have you finished the bridge?.

Yes. It’s ready. Take it. I have always been in my colleagues... and bosses’ good books. I’ve made a name for myself. And now this name has become a butt end of all jokes. Because of me? You have just answered your own question. Ulyana, I... I can’t tie myself to a notorious person. I need a clean woman....

A mother for my children. So, I’m dirty and undeserving of having children. Ulia, wait. Ulyana. Yes? Let’s not have a fight. Let’s part as friends... as civilized people. It will be better for both you and me. The ring....

You can keep the ring. Oh, the ring. The ring! The ring! If not for that boy, Ignat... I’d have been raped. And you, my noble fiance... stood there watching. The bravest thing you could do was calling the police. You’re nothing! Drama queen. You’re just a drama queen..

What happened? I don’t know. Some thugs threw a rock through the window. At least they didn’t start a fire. I’ll go see what’s going on. Are you out of your mind? Everybody hates us here. So I’ll go talk to them. Ulia! We’re coming with you. WHORE God, why did they do it?.

Hey! Are you here? Show yourself. Are you chicken? Baby, come on. I’m here. So what? Marina? Baby... What are you doing out so late?.

Breathing fresh air. Did you see anything? Somebody broke our window. You did it. Prove it! You’re not worth it. Ulia, Marina is a nice girl. Ignat told me. Let’s go home, dear. Come on. So you live with them now?.

Yes. I didn’t know. How is Ignat? He says he’s fine. I don’t know if it’s true. He works at a carpenter shop. He even earns some money. So he’ll come back a rich man. Is he allowed visitors? I don’t know about that. Why don’t you come in? Let’s talk about Ignat..

Yes. I wrote it. And I broke the window. For Ignat... and for my brother. Did you... set my house on fire, too? Are you trying to put everything on me? You know, Marina... Don’t come to us..

Just don’t. You... idiot! AUGUST 31 Congratulations to the faculty on the start of a new academic year. I wish us all patience and diligent students. Come in, Maksim Fiodorovich. Hello. Next time be on time. I’m sorry. Last year, an outrageous incident....

Took place at our school, leading to the death of a student. I was reprimanded... and it’s now on my record after 40 years of work. I hold Ulyana Sergeyevna responsible for it. That’s why under current circumstances I believe... she has no right to work at our school. Any opinions? Voluntary resignation - that’s all we can offer..

I won’t do it. -I didn’t do anything wrong. -You want to be difficult? OK, we’ll fire you... for incompetence. But it’s not true. I know my subject, and I can teach students. This is a done deal. Ulyana Sergeyevna... I ask you to leave. Mariya Ivanovna... maybe you shouldn’t be so harsh. It’s September 1, after all. Maksim Fiodorovich....

Are you going to play advocate? By the way, Maksim Fiodorovich is my new deputy. Please welcome him. Excuse me for a minute. Ulyana Sergeyevna! Please wait. Are you going to comfort me? -I don’t need it. -I’m sure you don’t. I heard at the department there is an opening for Russian language teacher at School No. 2..

That’s great. Thanks a lot. I’ll think about it. Goodbye. Hi. Hi. Are you from the PTA? No, it’s about job. I’m a Russian language teacher. Ulyana Semakova. Semakova? Yes. Right, right. School No. 4?.

-Yes, that’s right. -I heard a lot about you... I was told you have an opening for a Russian language teacher. Yes. Excuse me, we can’t... hire you. -Why? -No comment. No comment. I like places like this one. You can buy....

Rarities for a song. I collect china figurines. I’d never guess. In fact... I’m not alone in it. Take, for example, Demi Moore. -Really? -Really. I’m not ashamed of it. I don’t collect kitsch like this, of course. These are cheap crap..

Ulyana Sergeyevna? Hi. -Hi. -I didn’t expect to see you here. Why? I’m not selling stolen things. After being fired, it’s not easy to find job in this town. You gave up too soon. You should have put up a fight. Thank you for your advice. Ulyana Sergeyevna, there’s no need to be so abrupt..

Maksim Fiodorovich is our new deputy principal. It wasn’t him who fired you. He didn’t stand up for me, either. Neither did any of you. This isn’t fair. I didn’t know about your story. But... I’ll accept your reproach. That’s something. Are you buying anything? Yes. I’ll probably... take something. How much for this one? Why would you waste money on trinkets?.

I heard you weren’t interested in cheap crap. You have pride. OK, whatever. To the head... The head of the department or CEO? Which is it? Doesn’t matter. They’ll know. Right. Education Department... OK... “The principal of School No. 4,.

M. I. Klimova... trying to cover her own faults and professional failures leading to a tragedy...” “...overextended her authority... by lynching a young and promising teacher.” Right. What are you writing so late? Darya Ivanovna and I are doing a crossword puzzle. It’s so difficult....

You should go to bed. We will, sweetheart. Let us finish it first. Why are you still awake? I can’t sleep. I was thinking about my job. I need to find something. Ulia... what if I show you how to knit socks? We could make them and sell them. It will bring some money. I’ve been dreaming about being a teacher since I was five, and you suggest knitting socks..

This guy... so polished, wearing an expensive cologne... I met him at the market. He said I should fight. Baby, who are you talking about? Never mind. Forget it. Good night. Did you understand anything? My sincere greetings. Maksim Fiodorovich! -Come, take a seat. -Thanks. How is your new job?.

My new job? I’m at war with Klimova. I’m trying to get through to her. Her methods are outdated. She refuses to think out of the box. I asked her, I argued with her all in vain. -She wouldn’t listen. -I know, I know. Klimova is rigid and headstrong. By the way... a complaint was filed against her..

Unlawful dismissal of... Ulyana Semakova. This is exactly what she does. Making a young teacher a scapegoat and step aside, pretending to be innocent. In fact, she is a real bitch. By the way... Semakova is selling things at the market. This doesn’t look good. The government spent five years and lots of money to give her a degree, and now she’s a market seller, instead of educating children. This isn’t right, is it?.

I think... I now... see the whole picture. We’ll think about it. Thanks. So you squeezed me out, Maksim. Were you so eager to take my place, bastard? Do you need a ride? I should have seen it before. I thought we were lucky to have a male teacher. And you sent me....

Right into retirement. Well, as they say, no country... for old men. Well, well. Remember, it’s a long fall... from the sky.

















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