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Опубликовано: 2018-12-28

Продолжительность: 01:31:29

"The King of Blaze" "Episode 21" Great. Congratulations, mother. The Flame Mirror crisis has been quelled. It is a blessing to our country. Your graciousness and father's valiance... have led us to the prosperity now. Congratulations. You're right..

Situ Feng Jian has played a part... in putting an end to the Flame Mirror crisis. After she comes back to the Imperial City, His Majesty and I will reward her. As for... Li Jing Zhong, the Longyu Pass soldier... who died in the battle, I will discuss with your father... about granting titles to his wife and children. Thank you, mother..

The shooting star is so beautiful. I wonder if Feng Jian could see it. I wish I knew what she is doing now. Is she looking at... the same star like me? Ying Er, is that you? Zhong Tian, speaking of horse-riding, you are no match for me. I practised horse-riding with my Godfather since young..

You come from a foreign land. I'm afraid that I'll blow your socks off this time. Really? Let's have a competition then. To my surprise, you are so gifted. Whether it is Qinggong, fighting, playing chess or riding a horse, you are an expert. I'm impressed this time,.

Totally blown away. I haven't been here for long, thanks for teaching me so many things. Take playing chess as an example, you are my teacher. Teacher, please accept your student's respect. Even Warrior Zhong Tian would make a joke. It is a rare occasion to see you smile. We'll head back to the Imperial City soon..

What are you going to do next? I'll continue where I started, finding ways to save the Immortal Realm. I can go with you and help you. I hope you can stay out of this. I'm afraid I'm a ill-fated person. I don't want to bring you endless trouble. Even to this day, you still want to say something like this to me? I actually....

Want to tell you something. Can you wait until we reach the Imperial City? I'll tell you by then. Alright, I'll wait for you. Good. Your Highness, what can I do to marry you? I don't have any talent in literature. But I'm good at using weapons. I don't want to write anymore..

If I really marry Her Highness one day, won't it be embarrassing if I don't know how to write? I can't embarrass Her Highness. Your Highness, you've got to know that... I do all these for you. I'll practice writing diligently. I will marry you for sure. I will. For sure..

I won't give up no matter how tired I am. What's going on? Gosh, what's happened? How come the fish dies again? -It smells so bad. -What is the smell? What had happened? You guys... quickly clean it up. -Don't alert the masters. -Yes. Hurry up..

You quickly fish it out. -Here. -Over there. -There are some more there. -There. Hurry up. Right. Xin Er, let's go and see what's the matter. It is so smelly. There are some more over there. Greetings, Your Highness..

Wish Your Highness happiness and peace. Get up and speak. Her Highness wants to know what's going on? Why do you get so flustered? Your Highness, it is inaccessible ahead. I fear that it will alarm you, so I've asked others to clean it up at once. Hope to seek Your Highness's understanding. As a chamberlain, you look so panicked. If others see you,.

I don't know what rumour they'll spread. Your Highness, your humble servant is innocent. I also don't know why... the koi fishes in this pond died for no reason in these 2 days. We've changed several batches. They were so alive initially. But once they got in this pond, they became lethargic. Have you investigated the reason? We did..

But we found nothing. In just a few days, the koi fishes turned upside down again. I don't know what to do. Your Highness, you'd better not take this route. Your Highness is of noble status. There is something sinister about this walkway. It is better to avoid it. That is strange. Why did the koi fishes die for no reason?.

It doesn't make sense. Your Highness, I think that... it must be because the weather has turned hot, and the chamberlains didn't take care of them properly. In order to get away from punishments, they purposely said so. They deserved to be punished for spoiling Your Highness's mood. I don't think so. Why the fishes in other ponds are fine? Only the Royal Lake in front of the Eastern Palace went wrong..

Your Highness, no need to bother... about such small matters. Forget it, I don't care. Since mother rewarded and promoted Hao Yue. He can no longer come to the palace freely. I have no one to talk to. It is so boring. Step aside! -Do you know who I am? -Yes, we know..

You are Lady Pei. Lady Pei, please don't make things difficult for us. I want you to get out of the way. Did you hear me? Lady Pei, I really can't let you in. I beg for your mercy. Stop it. Pei Luo Qing, you're really something now. You even dare to act arrogantly in the palace,.

Hitting a chamberlain. Is such rude behaviour compatible with your status? You tell Her Highness yourself... what has happened. Your Highness, His Highness has given an order. The Eastern Palace won't receive any guest today. No one is allowed to enter. -No one? -Yes, Your Highness. It is impossible. His Highness may not want to see other people....

But not me. Your Highness. My brother even forbids me to go in? Your Highness, please spare us. See, Your Highness. Now Your Highness understands why I was so angry, right? Just kill these servants... and feed the fish. My brother doesn't want to see us..

He must have his reasons. In that case, we'll come to visit him the other day. Thank you for Your Highness's understanding. Tell my brother that... I've come. We'll definitely tell him. Let's go. Even if you stay here, my brother still won't see you..

Go. -I won't leave. -Let's go. Your Highness. Your Highness. I'm not leaving. -Why? -I want to see His Highness. You want to stand in the doorway like a husband-awaiting rock? Your Highness. Just come with me. Do you want everyone to know that....

My brother refused to see you? -But... -No but. Why don't you go to my palace? Let me tell you. Don't stick with my brother all the time. He'll despise you if you constantly inspect him. Your Highness, do you think that His Highness has been acting weird lately? His Highness... What's wrong with him?.

I heard from my father that... His Highness has been very rude to the ministers... and become very headstrong. During the morning assembly today, he even talked back to Their Majesties. I'm really worried, so I specially made a trip here. Who knows that I was given the cold shoulder. How could it be possible? His Highness has always been gentle and humble..

His Highness is a gentleman. How could His Highness possibly talk back to His Majesty? Exactly. That's why I rushed here. Your Highness, have you noticed anything unusual about His Highness? No. After I came back to the palace, I had a good talk with him. How could he turn into a different person in 2 days?.

And he even dared to talk back to my parents? How is it possible? It is so weird. Your Highness, your humble servant has something to say. Get up and speak. What do you want to tell me? You look so panicked. Your Highness, can you send other people away?.

How dare you! It doesn't matter. What is it? Just tell me the truth. I'll set things straight for you. Thank you, Your Highness. I... I think there's a demon in the Eastern Palace. How dare you! You are just a maidservant..

How dare you spread the rumour and mislead others! Guards! Drag her out! No. Your Highness, I really didn't... Wait. You go on. The night before yesterday, I was doing a night shift in the Eastern Palace. Who is it?.

How dare you! There is a curfew in the palace. Who is walking around here? What's wrong with the koi fish? It is an inauspicious sign. I have to tell the eunuch. If His Highness finds out, I'll be doomed. Shut up! Petty maidservant..

There is no demon inside the palace. Stop it, let her finish. Finish what? The fish died. It has nothing to do with the devil. She is passing the buck. The fish died. She should be punished. But she puts the blame on the devil. So she doesn't have to bear responsibility..

I dare not. I'm not passing the buck. Your Highness, I really... I really saw the devil. I saw the devil, Your Highness. Did you tell anyone about this? No. I didn't tell anyone. Good..

Listen. You just pretend that this never happened. You must not tell other people. If I hear it from someone else. I won't forgive you. Yes, I won't say anything. You may go now. Yes, Your Highness. How about... How about I tell my mother now?.

So as to find out the truth. No, Your Highness. Why? It is so serious. How can I not tell my mother? Your Highness, I beg you not to tell Her Majesty. If this spreads, it will threaten His Highness's position... as a successor to the throne..

Hope Your Highness can think twice. Think twice? Then tell me what should I do. If my brother is really possessed by the devil, he is also innocent. Shall we go to Lord Li from the Astrological Bureau for this? He is an Imperial Priest... and the successor of Yuan Tian Gang. He must know how to handle it. That's right..

I'll do it right away. Hope Your Highness can keep this secret. I will surely find out the truth in 3 days. Your Highness, do we really want to keep this from Their Majesties? It is related to His Highness. If we conceal this matter, it's deceiving Their Majesties, Your Highness. You've been cleaning this house for 2 hours. Even the floor is flipped over by you. You've worked so hard..

So? I'm waiting for my lady to come back. No use making fun of me. I'm in a good mood. I won't fight with you. I won't fight with you too. My lady has gone to the palace early in the morning... to have a conversation with His Highness. What are you doing? What are you doing?.

So? What has it got to do with me? How should I put it? The prince is the prince, the minister is the minister. Your lady is not destined for it. We don't know if it's a chicken or a phoenix yet. What are you talking about? Watch your mouth, how dare you... I wasn't referring to your lady. Why are you so anxious? -You just said it, you... -Tell me..

-What did I say? -Stop it! What are you fighting about? Fight, fight, fight. -All you do is fighting. -Lord Li. Greetings, Lord Li. Xing Qiu, it is late. Feng Jian should be back now. Reporting to you, my lord. It is about time..

I've done what you said... and asked the kitchen to prepare Lady Feng Jian's favourite dishes. We can eat when she is back. Great. I wonder if this child has eaten well outside. Or if she has lost weight. The Western Regions are very different from the Capital City. Feng Jian likes vegetarian food. But the main food in the Western Regions is meat. I think this child....

Hasn't had a proper meal. My lord, I've prepared everything... that Lady Feng Jian likes to eat. Great. I guess... Feng Jian's horse is back. Lady is finally back. "The Astrological Bureau" This....

This child... Where is she? Why only the horse is here? Pei Zhong, bring the horse to the back and feed it some grass. Yes. My lord, why did Lady Feng Jian only send the horse back? Where is she? What is written in the letter?.

She? She said that she has something urgent. She will come back home... after she gets thing done. What is so important? Their Majesties are waiting for her and will summon her. How can she leave without saying anything? Lord Li, I want to discuss something with you. Can I talk to you in private?.

Why are you so panic? Lord Li. -Hurry. -Calm down. Calm down first. Where has Lady Feng Jian gone? Why did she let the horse come back alone? This is not something she'd do. This is what happened. I assume Lord Li won't sit back and do nothing, right? Do Their Majesties know about this?.

We dare not alert them. But... I'm really worried about His Highness's safety. Alright. I already knew about this. You should go now. Lord Li, I know that I haven't been very nice to you and Feng Jian. But it is a matter of great importance. Hope Lord Li can investigate it..

Pei Luo Qing, everything that happens in the palace is my responsibility. You don't have to worry. I shall take my leave then. I have to trouble Lord Li this time. Hurry. What's the matter? Have you noticed that a lot of strange things... have happened in the palace lately? Yes..

I think you are strange. Cut it out! I'm serious. The fishes in the Eastern Palace were so alive. But many have died in these 2 days. It is probably because of the hot weather. It is not. The fishes in other places are fine. Only the fishes in the Eastern Palace died one after another. Also,.

Some people said that they have seen... many abnormal phenomena in the Eastern Palace. Do you think that... there is a demon here? You're telling me... you suspect that there is an demon in the Eastern Palace? You don't know. My brother has openly talked back to Their Majesties this morning. I even suspect that... my brother is being manipulated by the demon..

Hearing what you said, something seems to have gone wrong. Why don't you find Warrior Zhong Tian? He is a man of the world. He must have a way out. Alright, I'll tell my master. You have to be careful in the palace. Get up. Zhong Tian. Where's Qian Qian?.

Where is Qian Qian? Zhong Tian, I beg you. Please tell me. Why did she leave without saying a word? Why? Why did she leave without saying a word? -Tell me. -Qi Le! Actually, Qian Qian... -She... -In fact, Qian Qian has left... and gone back to her master's place..

But she knows that you're like her shadow. You'll definitely follow her. If you disrupt her practice, it will be troublesome. That's why she didn't tell you. You see. This is the medicine that Qian Qian left... to the folks in the Golden Villa. Really? But why did you hide it from me?.

Not only Zhong Tian... even my father hid it from me. You have to ask yourself then. You are such a cry baby. We're afraid that you can't accept it. That's why we didn't tell you. When will she come back? I want to look for her. Qian Qian is travelling around the world with the Sage of Medicine... to refine her medical skills..

She leads a nomadic life without a fixed place of living. I also don't know... where exactly she went. That's right. I wanted to tell you this. In case you're getting more depressed. What can I do to see her? Look. These are the begonia seeds that Qian Qian reserved for you. You can plant the seeds..

By the time the flowers bloom all over the yard, Qian Qian will be back. It is so simple. I'll plant it now. Why did you lie... and hide the truth from him? The truth is brutal. Why did you show up all of a sudden? Giving Qi Le an empty promise. In fact, you can never grow flowers with those seeds..

Just like the people who are gone, they'll never come back. But living men need hope to survive. Acknowledging the reality... is better than running away and offering an unrealistic future. Then which one of us keeps running away? Come with me. Feng Jian, do you remember this place? Yes..

You gave me the sword here. Why did you bring me here? We have returned to the Imperial City now. I've told you that... I wanted to tell you something. I also want to tell you something. You go first. Zhong Tian, I think... I've fallen for you..

I hope I can... spend the rest of my life with you. Feng Jian, I'm sorry. You... What did you say? I want to tell you that... I'm most fortunate to have met you. But I dare not expect to spend my life with you. We're destined to go our separate ways in this life..

Why? Is it because of Qian Mei? No, it is not because of her. Then why? You have to give me a reason. Feng Jian. I don't belong here. One day, I will leave this place... and go back to my homeland..

It is a place that you're unable to reach spending your whole life. Since we're not destined to be together. We'd better not start it. Let's put an end to it now... while we have the best memories. Can we? No. I've told you that is where I came from. Furthermore, my homeland is experiencing an unprecedented catastrophe..

I don't even know... if I can go back there. Or maybe.. I'll die tomorrow because I use up my energy. So both of us can't be together. I don't care. Even if I can only be with you for one day, I don't care. But I'm definitely not like you. You've already got cold feet before we even started..

But I care. I've lost Qian Mei once. I can't lose you again. Because I know that... you'll not lose anything if you've never owned it at the first place. Zhong Tian, we've been through so many hardships and challenges along the way. Have I ever blamed you? Have I ever been afraid of... any difficulties?.

That's all I wanted to say. Feng Jian, take care. <i>Listen to the blooming of flowers for a thousand times.</i> Zhong Tian. <i>Waiting for the clearest pair of eyes.</i> <i>Thoughts have clouded the trace of heart.</i> Zhong Tian. <i>The wind blows, and the youth is long gone.</i> I just want to ask you a question..

Have you ever had feelings for me even for one moment? <i>I can't forget the blue sky of my home town.</i> <i>I won't let you down if I ever meet you again.</i> No. <i>Return to the moment when we first met.</i> <i>Carving you in my heart.</i> <i>Life and death seem to be so close, but yet so far away.</i> So it turns out... this is just my wishful thinking. I thought that....

During the trip to the Western Regions, we'd been keeping each other company... going through thick and thin together. You and I already have great connection. <i>By the ear, the wind whispers and lingers.</i> Surprisingly, the feeling is not mutual. <i>Through the lonely age the florescence can't be waited.</i> <i>Fire lights up.</i> Zhong Tian..

<i>Love hardly burns out.</i> Thank you. <i>I can't escape the ages of separation.</i> Thank you for being so honest. <i>I can't see through the wheels of destiny.</i> At least you gave me hope before. <i>I can't forget the blue sky of my home town.</i> From now on, you go your way... and I'll go mine..

<i>Return to the moment when we first met.</i> <i>Carving you in my heart.</i> <i>Life and death seem to be so close, but yet so far away.</i> <i>I'm willing to sacrifice everything...</i> <i>just to be with you.</i> <i>Hope that our love would live up to the time.</i> <i>I'm willing to sacrifice everything...</i> <i>just to be with you.</i> <i>Hope that our love would live up to the time.</i> <i>Hope that our reunion in the next life would live up to the time.</i>.

Master. Master. Master. Master. I want to tell you something. Master. What are you doing here? Why are you not in the Imperial Guard Court? You just got promoted... to the commander of the palace guards..

You are so lazy. How do you get further promoted? No, master. I am here to ask you to subdue a demon with me. What demon? What's wrong? Don't you know? There is a demon in the Eastern Palace. The palace of the Crown Prince. A demon in the Eastern Palace?.

Be mindful of your words. Princess Guang Yu told me about this. She asked me to come and find you. Come with me now. Princess Guang Yu. Greetings, Your Highness. Go, go. Greetings, Your Highness. Go, go, go. Greetings, Your Highness..

Go quickly. Di Yun. Di Yun. I finally found you. Where is this place? This is the space of my thought. I relied on my strong willpower... to travel through spaces and times... and get in touch with you. I've safely reached the earth....

And controlled the most powerful successor of this kingdom. But the Flame Mirror has been broken. I don't know if I can repair it. Besides, it seems that my body couldn't adapt to this planet. My power has weakened severely. The Flame Mirror is a double-bladed sword. During the full moon, it can open the passageway... to Earth for the Winged Clan..

But in normal times, it acts like a protective shield... that blocks the passageway connecting to Earth. Is there no other way to get through? The Flame Mirror... is also a seal. A seal? If that's so, since the Flame Mirror was broken, the seal has come loose?.

That's right. The passageway to Earth has not been entirely opened. But it is distorted and torn. It is only a matter of time... before the Winged Clan travels to the earth. What you need to do now... is not repairing the Flame Mirror. But destroy all the fragments of the Flame Mirror. After the Flame Mirror was broken, it has gone missing..

Even the Crown Prince here lost track of it. But don't worry, I will find it. Good. You are indeed my son. I hope that... you won't forget your promise. I'll be waiting for your good news. Even if there is a demon, I suppose it dares not come out to create trouble in broad daylight..

I want to see... what brother is up to. Hua Cheng. Surprisingly, you are also here. Enemies often cross each other's path indeed. Who are you? Why are you in the Eastern Palace? Guards! Gua... Gua....

Hua Cheng, didn't you say that... you're willing to die for Shang Xuan? Well then, I'll make your wish come true. As long as you're dead, I can extract your energy... and transfer it to Shang Xuan. Isn't it what you want? Your Highness..

Who are you? How dare you harm Her Highness? Hao Yue, take the Princess away. Master, I will take the Princess away first. After that, I'll bring someone to assist you. Di Yun. It's you? Why is it you? In the battle of the Immortal Realm, were you not stabbed by the Winged Clan....

With the Immortality Destructing Halberd? Why... Why do you smell like the Winged Clan? Did you betray the Immortal Realm too? Zhong Tian, stop pretending. Don't you know who I am? Know what? I only know that you are one of the 7 Gods, my comrade,.

My brother. Who is your comrade? Are you also manipulated by Tian Heng? Di Yun, wake up. I'm Zhong Tian. Manipulated by Tian Heng? I'm the prince of the Winged Clan, but Shang Xuan took me away. This is a dirty trick that the Immortal Realm used... to subvert the Winged Clan..

It is so despicable. How could you possibly belong to the Winged Clan? -Shang Xuan has been... -Don't mention Shang Xuan! What right do you have to mention him? Shang Xuan sacrificed his life... and entrusted the future of the Immortal Realm to you. But you've been attached to Earth and mankind, you've gone astray. Hao Yue, Hua Cheng,.

Including Qian Mei, they're all dead. Even though the persons you see look like them, they are not them. We can't go back to the past. You've not only let the Immortal Realm down, but also Shang Xuan. You're the most unforgivable one. You... should die..

Never have I expected that... you've mastered the power of the Immortal Realm and Winged Clan. I want to destroy everything this time.

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