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ФРОНТ - Серия 1 / Военный детектив

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Опубликовано: 2018-12-28

Продолжительность: 00:50:16

Stop! Germany, Frankfurt (Oder), 1943 Unload. But officer! Unload please! Yes, of course. Wool. Calico. Cotton. This is very good wool. Vlad Volni, a Polish trader..

Yes, trader. I don’t think this silk is mine. Maybe it was here before? Isn’t it your own roll? Please keep unloading! I’m sorry. I really like this silk. Fine! Load it back on and go! And leave the silk here. Got it..

Thank you. How much is left? Two more. Vlad, how did you manage to get through? We thought one of the patrols got you. Be careful, this is much more dangerous than silk. On your way, city boy. Come back with more dynamite. Front Moscow. The office of the People’s Commissioner.

Summarize it. How powerful is this bomb? In his opinion, one bomb can totally flatten a large city. Take him away. I understand how powerful it is. But the main question is do the Germans have it? And how probable is it that they’ll use it in Kursk? There are indirect indicators that they are close to finishing it. Data received from allies proves that Germans have the uranium machine. They can make the machine, if they have enough uranium..

So, what do I tell Stalin? Do they have the bomb or not? Permission to speak? My opinion is that they don't. They want to disinform us before the start of the summer campaign. If they had it, it would be smart to show it and make some demands. The counterintelligence see disinformation everywhere. Someone has to. We have no time for bickering. I need a definitive answer. The outcome of the war depends on it. What do you suggest we do?.

Auerge Company has the contract for making of the uranium machine. One of their offices is in Frankfurt, Oder. Trokhin can try to recruit some of their staff. Colonel, please only use code names to talk about residents and their groups. And you as the head of counterintelligence should... As the head of counterintelligence, I don’t need you telling me this. I think Comrade Khlopko has reasons to trust those present. Go ahead, Comrade Khlopko. And you get me a German, someone who can tell me exactly! Good evening, Herr Schauf..

I thought you needed to be in Colone. Hell with it. Yesterday there was another explosion at the railway. Why do I need world domination if I can’t freely ride trains in Germany? And what’s the greatness of German race, of Aryan race if any half-blood can stop me on the street and talk about where I need or need not to be? I’m sorry, Herr Schauf, I’m sorry! Trains are delayed due to landslide. So, landslides delayed the trains, huh? "Country house furniture for sale".

”6 chairs, 2 bar stools, 1 canape. Visit anytime." "Confirm the existence of a uranium machine by Auerge." ”Use all resources for the operation. Suspend all other operations temporarily." Use all resources. Where am I going to get the resources? A beer please! - Here you go. -Thank you. - Hello. - Hello. Have a seat, please. Please..

Have you read the news? When is the next delivery? We’re standing by for now. We have more important orders now. You need to recruit a staffer of one research institution. To recruit? I’ve never done it. My apologies! I’ll find a bigger one. Last year you couldn’t tell dynamite apart from soap. There’s a war. Everyone works miracles. You don’t need to do anything tough..

Just make some girl to fall in love with you, sleep with her. And then we’ll see what she knows. I need to profess love to her? To some Nazi bitch? While you’re walking these clean streets millions rot in the trenches. Yes, wrecking their trains is good. But now we need information. To get it, I'd sleep with anyone, even with Hitler’s favorite dog. And I’d serenade her..

By the way, I’d shoot you if you don’t carry out the order. Thank you. When do I start? In half an hour. In half an hour? Why, do you have better things to do? She’s Polish. Her name is Katerina Stur. You're also allegedly Polish? In about 30 minutes, she’ll pass by this street. Enough time to finish your beer..

Thank you very much. Therefore, the risk of premature chain reaction is minimized. And the neutron background bears no significance. Katerina, I always thought that your solutions have always been bold. But this solution is very bold even for you. I need to consult with the colleagues. What’s there to consult? It’s obvious. Attention! Close the curtain! I’m sorry Herr Major. I just wanted to....

This can’t happen again! No one can see through a window or a keyhole what you’re doing here. This looks like the Warsaw Cathedral. What did you say? This looks like the Warsaw Cathedral. Although, not really. This is not a cathedral. These are some formulas? I’m sorry. It won’t happen again, I promise..

Don’t go! I didn’t want to scare you. I don’t know why she ran away. Don't dodge. It can’t be more simple: you approach her, nod, start talking. I did try but she gave me no time. I think she’s crazy. She started drawing and talking to herself. Fine. I’ll send two guys tomorrow. They'll try to rob her. You’ll save her. Then you’ll sort it out. Wait a minute. What’s wrong?.

I don’t know. Maybe she really is mad. But give me another chance. Tomorrow. OK? OK. Tomorrow. One moment. Hello sir. Permission to report? Quiet. Materials have been delivered, money has been deposited. Oil in the car has been changed. Why haven’t you opened it for so long?.

The roof is leaking. These are only first drops. Soon all roofs in Germany will be leaking. We have a possibility to get close to the support of the bridge. But we need a powerful explosive. How can we get it? We have orders to stop explosions for now. What do you mean? That’s an order. You don’t discuss orders. Wait a minute. We have people waiting. You have orders? I can pick up explosives myself..

No. You won’t be able to. Germany. 30 km from Frankfurt (Oder) Let’s do it. Come on! Captain, sir, what if tanks are going next? They won't. He always has a sense when it's tanks or when it’s an important general. No talking. You stay here, you come with me. Anyway, I’m counting on seeing you tomorrow Elsa. What’s this?.

What the hell, lieutenant? I’m sorry, but my orders are to follow the convoy that has just passed. What orders? Why you exactly? I don’t know. My orders are to follow them keeping 3-4 km distance. Rubbish. You're behind already. Off the road. I have my orders! I have my orders! Sir, how do you know who's going to be passing? By the way, I want to join the academy when the war is over. One more sound during an ambush and you’ll be a street sweeper after the war..

If you survive. We got distracted by that boy. So have you said yes? Herr Lehms. Just call me Otto. We’re friends, aren’t we? Otto... It looks like an ambush. A convoy just passed. Hans, take a look! Get it off the road. Quick!.

Faster, faster! You need steely reserve and willpower to be a commander. Underlinks can always sense a weakness. And women too. Everyone! Why did we let them pass, captain? Put the tree back where it was. What happened? Are orders unclear? Move it!.

Something important? We have to go. What about him? Catch up. So, what do we finally have? Maybe this is the solution to the problem that Heiger could not solve. If you place uranium not in two parts but this way, Listen Hutz, perhaps you forgot why we got you out of the labor camp? Of course not, Herr Meyers. In that case, you wouldn’t have bothered me with this nonsense..

Do you really want to tell me that one month of your research solved the problem that the best minds in the Reich have been working on for years? This small piece of paper is the key to solving our Big Problem? This is just a small part. It’s just one key element to solving the Problem. I wouldn’t have bothered you, if I weren’t sure that this would help Germany. Fine. I will pass this proposal along. Thank you. Anyone contacted you? New friends, unusual encounters, a store owner, neighbors? No..

Dismissed. Good-bye, Herr Meyers. It looks like you’re daydreaming. I don’t want to bother you. It’s you? Yes, the same clumsy person who scared you yesterday. I’m sorry, I didn’t understand what you were drawing. Physics is not my strong suit. I studied architecture and now sell material. Are you Polish? I’m sorry I haven’t introduced myself. Vlad Volni, an entrepreneur. You are Polish. How strange..

Do you work for Gestapo? How can you mistake me for them? I don’t know anything about politics, but they wear suits that are terrible. Your wonderful suit is soaking wet now. What if I invite you to a drier place? To a cafe, for instance? Please. Finally! I thought you were not coming. Have a seat. Hmm. Didn’t they have a table further from the door?.

Let's see. Can you please move us to that table over there? Good evening. Major Sinitsyn of Counterintelligence. May I please ask you to move to another table? Major, you are speaking to an officer of a higher rank. Yes, I know. But I will repeat myself. I’m an officer of Counterintelligence, Major Sinitsyn. Maybe this table is needed for some operation. Maybe so. Have a seat..

You’re such a gentleman. How did you do it? They had higher ranks. Or it doesn’t matter? Not to me. I’m serving at a special agency. I can deal with any general if needs be. So, you’re the most important of them all? Wait, but you have your own colonels and generals. They can deal with you, can’t they? No, they cannot. Because I know everything about everyone. I can use it agains them..

My own generals shine my shoes. Even your supervisor? Supervisor? He’s former aristocracy. His brother lives abroad. And his biography is full of potential problems. He's nothing to worry about. My dear Anna. I still don’t know your formal name. Didn’t we agree to be informal? Let’s then drink to informal beginnings. How is it? I’m not sure I understand. I can teach you..

So... Berlin. Office of Admiral Kanaris Khlopko Pavel, former officer in the Tsar army. He's the Head of the 4th Department of Counterintelligence. When he join the Red Army, he told the Bolsheviks that his brother who is also a former officer with the Tsar army, died in 1922. But his brother is now in China and is an officer with General Semyonov. And Semyonov openly wants to fight USSR. This information can be treated as high treason. I think we can try to recruit Khlopko..

Wonderful. This is great. Baron, you keep surprising me. My idiots only now started compiling information about Russians' counterintelligence. Not only have you found out who's who, but are also ready to recruit one of their heads. Bravo! Russians are very predictable. To recruit a Brit, you need to understand one of his weaknesses. Money, whiskey, women. Russians are ruled by fear. It’s good to know what they fear, but if not a hint is sufficient..

Fear has permeated that nation. I don’t want to interrupt, but I wanted to ask you about that Russian. Do you not feel hesitant using one of your best agents for his recruitment? You are already using all of your and some of my reserves for this operation. Herr Admiral, let me remind you that this operation bears significance on the outcome of the war. If the Russians believe in the existence of a uranium machine they’d have to redistribute their reserves away from Kursk and other important sectors. The outcome of the war is at stake, and I’d use everything I have because we won’t have another such chance to turn the tide. Please don’t get up..

Tell me, baron, are you yourself certain that we’d be able to turn the tide? You can’t fight Russians as you do civilized countries. You need to fight them as you would rats or wasps. Jurgen, by God, just one word: yes or no. I’m ready to sacrifice myself, Admiral. Word of honor. Good day Herr officer. Everything is always fresh. And if not, then... OK, come every morning. You get paid at the end of the week..

Thank you. I wanted to ask you something. What? Maybe I can take your trash out too? No need. But you need to take it out regularly. No. Go away. I’m sorry. I’m leaving. I’ll see you tomorrow. Our intelligence got some interesting documents. As far as we can tell, uranium and heavy water deliveries are now to a different location. Which leads me to conclude that they are not working on the bomb anymore..

Maybe they just couldn't finish it? According to the papers, the company Auerge received 2 million marks for the contract. How did you come across these papers? The price of these documents is lives of my intelligence officers. My boys got a courier who was transporting the documents. Where are these brave boys who pick top secret documents at will? I need people like these in my 4th Department. Let me introduce one of them. Comrade Litvin. Starting today, part of your team. Do you miss Warsaw?.

Yes, very much so. If I could just get transported there, as in an Wells novel. What happened there? The time machine, haven’t you read it? I mostly read textbooks. Not so much fiction. Wells didn’t just write fiction, but real science fiction. Real science fiction? What’s the difference Science fiction is not just adventures of protagonists in unknown lands. Real science fiction writers predict the future..

They foresee what people will create in years, maybe even hundreds of years. Self-propelled carriages, flying birds of steel. Curing smallpox. All of this science fiction has predicted. Wait, so if Wells predicted flying to the Moon, then we’ll go there one day? Tolstoy, Poe, Vernes all travelled to the Moon. It’s not the point. Such a flight would require an absolutely new kind of energy. And it can be only atomic energy. I don’t know about any of that. It’s much simpler than you think. I’ll show you..

Let’s suppose... Let me get a pen. Let’s suppose this is a molecule of hydrogen. We don’t have time for recruitment. We need a more decisive action. Then we need to capture this Hutz, and interrogate him here. Capture the chief engineer of a defense company? Capture him alive? And then get him from Frankfurt to Moscow? But this is the only thing that can convince you. Allow me to act? And why the hell not? Do it..

It’s not that interesting after that. He left the Earth and Aelita stayed. I didn’t know that Tolstoy was published in Poland. -I read him in Russian. - in Russian? My father liked Russian literature and culture. He was friends with many immigrants. Do you speak Russian? Here we are. Thank you for a wonderful evening. Thank you! Now I know who Wells is and how you split an atom. I see that I also surprised you..

My God, I didn’t even give you a chance. I just talked and talked. On the contrary, you spoke so passionately about these reactions. As if reading poetry. Thats what others in the cafe probably thought. I would probably not be able to describe it so. Your eyes. Don’t tell me more. I haven’t talked to real people in so long. I haven’t spoken Polish or Russian. - It feels unreal. - I understand. But I hope it’s real and it’s not science fiction. You’re wonderful. Roman, are you going to be courting her for a year?.

Your orders were to get her to sleep with you and get information. Listen, is it really necessary? She’s not a Nazi.She’s just a physicist. She’s just working there. I can get any information without it. Is that what she told you? They do that. When we start hanging them, they’ll sing a different tune. Come on. She'll tell me everything. Look at this. You come on. She’s different. No, brother. We’re at war. If you orders, you need to carry them out..

It doesn’t matter if the orders are to kill a Nazi or to sleep with some non-Nazi. If you don’t understand it, we’ll have to intervene. What do you mean “intervene"? Don’t worry, we won’t eat your girl. Act as you are; we’ll jest help you a bit. Go. Finland. School of Abver. I did not understand the question. If I have dynamite, I'll blow up the bridge. But if I have no dynamite? How can I blow it up without dynamite?.

Is he your best cadet? The best of what’s available. We generally deal with criminals and working class. The last immigrant was deployed in 1942. And this guy, take a look: martial arts, a great marksman. A great runner. 16 parachute jumps. This is great. Except these qualities are great for infantry, and not for special forces. Special forces need brains as well. Where is Elsa?.

I can't find enough German words in order to describe it. Forget it. You’re still more beautiful than Aphrodite. Too bad you're passing through, otherwise I’d treat you to some real coffee. Germany is of course a great country, but your coffee is disgusting. Cadet! What’s your last name, cadet? Cadet Shut! This is not my real last name, as you understand. And I’m serious about you..

Quiet! Arrest him. Can I see his file? That one? He's very unreliable. They all are very unreliable. But I do want to talk to this one. One moment please. Is it raining today? Unfortunately, all is quiet. Neither rain, nor thunder, no explosions..

Is it good? Good enough to lie in a coffin. Or to go work for the Nazis. Listen, Jerzy, I have my orders. I saw your orders. Not very attractive. She stoops, nerdy looking. Let me through. Go. For now. Come with us. No. Gestapo. You’re coming with us..

Excuse me, I saw you bought coffee. If you buy whole beans, how do you make it? You’d need to mill it first. Excuse me. Wait, officer, I need to write it down. Take coffee beans, And then what did you say? I’m in a rush, I’m sorry. I’m also in a hurry. But we must meet. Tomorrow. What for? We must. Take this..

Don’t lose it, Comrade Khlopko. Going home? Yes. Home. Who did you give this information to? I never pass anything to anyone. Please. It must be some mistake. After the camp, they transferred me to Hutz’s laboratory. I’m a physicist. I work on energy problems. Herr Hutz is your supervisor?.

Yes, ask him. During the last few days, have you made any new friends? Maybe fellow countrymen? Truth. Tell us the truth. Yes, I’m just trying to remember. No, no one. Well? I got everything I could: the lab, the names, the schedules. She did not rat out Vlad. Isn’t it good? It’s good..

Then drop her off close to where she lives. How is she? The fever has reduced. She’s asleep. What does the doctor say? He checked her. He says to drink more liquids. "The commander of the Far East Cossack Union Grigoriy Semyonov promoted Alexander Khlopko to the rank of colonel."

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