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Опубликовано: 2018-12-28

Продолжительность: 00:47:53

If you have a good family and are happy to be a housewife, it's great. But if you came to my business training, it means you want something more, right? -Yes? -How can you combine family and a successful business? Quit fooling yourself. You can't do both things well at the same time. Can you think of a successful businessman who was also a great family man? Any variants? That's what I meant. Ok, that's all for today. Thank you for the productive day. Next time I'll answer all your questions..

You are every bachelorò??s hope and support. Hope it's not the only benefit my audience gets from my trainings. No... of course not. -A very interesting training. -Thanks. I got your views on family. But can I ask you on a date? No marriage, I promise. Thank you, but I already have company for tonight. Good bye. So, Innokentiy....

For us to be healthy and beautiful... huh? So good. Oh... Someone's calling us. Hello? Who are you, again? My Mom? No, stop. Wait. Are you serious? Do you really think you can call a stranger, say ''Hello. I'm your Mom..

We've never met but now the time has come.'' and they'll believe you? Quit that. I'm not going anywhere. I'm not insane. Good bye. What was that just now, huh? We're good together. We don't need anyone else. Especially those who never needed us. THE HOUSE AT THE COLD SPRING EPISODE 1 Hello. I left and... Don't worry, it's just 300 kilometers..

I'll be back tonight. Yes. Can you take my car from the car service? Tell them I'll just pay half as I had to take this stuffy train because of them! Yes. Thanks a lot. Bye. RAILWAY STATION -Do you need a taxi? -No, thanks. -Need a taxi? -Thanks. No! The right eye black and dead and the left green and crazy. The right eye black and dead and the left green and crazy. The right eye black and dead and the left green and crazy. -Taxi! -Are you free?.

Yes. Take me to the genetic lab. 22, Generala Kvasova St. Ok, it's not far from here. Get in the car. Thanks. All happy men married when they were students. Happy? Those men are tired of their wives by now. Do you suggest being a mistress? What can we do? There are no men. Oh really? Ilia Igorevich is not married, by the way..

Which is strange. If noone wanted him by 30, we don't want him too. He is so cute and he's got money. Hello. -He's quite shy though. -Shy? Hello. -Give me the keys from my office please. -Sure. -Here you go. -Thanks. Marina, have you mentioned a new gallery being opened recently? -Yes, it's true. -Great. Would you mind....

Like, visiting it today? No. I think it's a great idea. What about 8 pm? After work? Yes. Wonderful. Well, it's a deal, then. I have to go now. -See you tonight. -Bye. GENETIC RESEARCH LAB Hello there. Hi..

Doesn't your working day start at 9 am? Come in. Sorry. I am all ears. Can I talk now? -You even need to. -Thank you. You are welcome. I need to make sure a certain person is my relative. What do I have to do? Bring us some biomaterial from the inside of this person's cheek..

-We'll give you a special tampon... -When will the results be ready? In 10 working days. Oh no. I really can't wait that long. Please accept my deepest sympathy. So, do you refuse? Depends on what you mean. Can I speak with your boss? It's a free country. You can speak with anyone. I see. -So, will you arrange it? -Sure thing..

If you bring it before 3, the result will be ready by the evening. Great. -Thanks a lot. Bye. -Good bye. -Sveta! -Hmm? -Is Ilia here? -Yes. Ok. What kind of manners do you have? Did she charm you already? You can't treat such women... -Such women? -Yes, such women..

Like her. Fine... forget it. I have a favor to ask you. The cops took my driver's license. Drunk driving again? What? No! What made you think that? So, could you talk to your Dad, just... The rules are equal for everyone. Even for... such women..

So... will you talk to him? I'll try. Great. Thank you. I am outta here! Get to work. I won't bother you. Look. Maybe, this one? Let's find out. <i>Hello?</i> <i>Hello? Hello?</i> That's her..

Oh! Damn. She's pretty. I'll go meet her. Arina... And you are Raisa, I assume. -Yes. -Please, sit down. You are... so beautiful. And so serious. All business! Yes, I didn't take after you. So I feel our talk will be interesting. You took after your Father, not me..

So I have a father, too? Amazing. You had one. He died a month before you were born. Why did you steal it? For the heck of it? Do you think she can close a deal without a passport? Good job. Get off. How did you find me? And why? Hold on. I've been watching you all the time..

Oh, I see. You've lived without me just fine, but then you saw this article about a successful city girl and decided to find me, huh? I understand. Of course, you are mad at me. It's hard to forgive. I personally wouldn't forgive it but... Maybe you are better than me? Here. This is your Dad. Let's get to business. It's all my fault, I know that. But you can't change what was done..

I had my reasons for what I did. But was it right or not... Stop. I need to make sure there's a reason for going on with this talk. An expertise needs to be done. A genetic test. Here. I need some material from the inside of your cheek. You can do it here or in the restroom, as you like. What the hell? What's she doing? Takes a sample for the DNA test. Miss Arina wants to make sure she really is her daughter..

Won't happen. When will the results be ready? I will call you when I get them. -I'll write my address for you. -I'll remember it. Ok. 14 Maykova St., Apt.66. All right. Good-bye. Good-bye. Let's go. Finally....

Let me go! Calm down! I'll kill her! And her Mother, too! Quiet. Take her bag. Let go! Hey! Hey! What are you doing? Hello again. Please, don't try to get up. It's just horrible..

Why did keep such a tight hold of that bag? Oh, well... -Your life's more precious. -It's an orphanage reflex. By the way, where's my bag? Here it is. You should go to the hospital. Brain concussion is no joke. Listen, quit fussing. I am all right. Let me get up. Fussing? Do you always talk to people like that? No. I am sorry. Oh....

Told you. Give me just 5 minutes, and I'll be ok. Put me down at last! Nadia, is Valeriy Petrovich here? -Yes. -Great. I can walk! I know. -I am not dying. -Thanks to me, by the way. -Yes, thanks to you! -Thank you. -Are you going to patronize me? -Oh, for God's sake, be quiet!.

Easy. Your ribs aren't broken. There's no concussion. -You need rest. -Ok. Thanks. -I'll drive you. -I have some errands to run. You lay unconscious on the street half an hour ago, and then you fainted in my office! Maybe, your errands can wait? Maybe, you won't speak to me in such a tone? -I'll handle it myself. -I saw you handling things. Now listen to me. I'm going to hospitalize you..

EVA Damn! Hey! Hey! What do you think you're doing? You forgot your bag in my car. Thank you, but... would you mind turning away? Oh, yes, sure. I am sorry. -Close the door please! -Yes, sure. You know... I have no idea what it means but....

I saw a man in a hoodie near your door just now. I think it was the same man who attacked you. What, here? Well, yes. It's not safe for you to stay here. Ok, I see. Where should, I stay, then? -Ilia! -Yes? You can turn back now. Thank you very much..

Thank you for saving me and for taking care. -I really appreciate it. -Oh, come on, it's nothing. Really? Well, can I ask you for another favor then? Sure. If I can't stay here, could you take me to the hotel? Oh! So, you aren't local? No, I'm not. All right. Let's go. Let's go..

Shall we go? Yes. Come on. Are you working for the government? A person can't be followed without a reason. No, I am a business trainer. Maybe, your husband is a spy? No. I'm not married. Hello? Marina... I forgot about it..

I mean, I didn't forget, but there are circumstances that are stronger than me. Higher, too. I mean, not higher but... I really can't talk right now. Tomorrow. I promise you that. Tomorrow. Good-bye. Why do you agree to do things you don't want to? Are you a clairvoyant? You don't have to be one to understand... Please, I don't want to discuss it..

You should have. By the way, people sign up for my trainings for... Please. -Hello. -Good afternoon. We need a room. -Your passport please. -Yes, sure. Well... Can't find it. Wait a minute. Sorry, the girls without a passport pay double price. These are our rules. What are you getting at? Easy. Let's do without a scandal. Come on..

I'm just too tired to argue. I just don't have words. Listen... I am really exhausted. That's why, as you probably say to your patients... My clients. -To your clients. -OK. Less talking, more doing. -Let's go. -Where? I know a place. Let's go. Come in..

Thanks. Don't take your shoes off. Thanks. Your apartment is very stylish, Ilia. -Thank you. -Rich parents? Listen... Can you, like, change your attitude a bit? What about a cup of tea? Sorry. You save me for the third time today, and I... You are a real Batman..

Oh yeah. That's right. Except that I can't fly and my car isn't so cool. As to the rest, I'm just like him. Ilia, I am sorry but... where will I sleep? You have just one couch. That's where you will sleep. What about you? Me? I'll sleep in the hallway. On the doormat. I'll find a place..

-Listen! -Hm? What are you teaching your, hmm... Your clients? Or patients? Well, things like personal growth, leadership, efficiency. -Really? -Yes. Can these things be taught? Yes. How? Maybe... you use attraction spells? Or charms?.

Or egg-rolling? Sure, analyzing a tampon from someone's mouth is far more honorable. Oh my God! You've started it this time. To be honest, we are both... very tired right now. That's true. You know what? Let's declare this day closed. Ok. Where's the bathroom here? Turn away, please..

Oh God. And close your eyes, too. Should I also open my mouth? No. -Can I open my eyes? -Yes. Great. Who is this lady in the picture? My Mom. She's very beautiful. Thank you..

I barely remember her. This picture is all I have. My parents died in the car accident when I was 3. I grew up in the orphanage, you know. And yesterday some woman called me and... She told me she was my Mother. Cool, huh? -Is that why you needed that DNA test? -Yes. You don't believe your... that woman?.

Why should I believe her? Nobody needed me all these years, and now... ''Hello, I am your Mother. Nice to meet you.'' I'd give everything in the world... to see my Mom at least for a minute. By the way... -Did you take your driver's license? -Sure. I have it with me. But... Please, I need these results as soon as possible. I promise, tomorrow... you will know who this woman is to you..

Thank you. Thank you so much. Nothing to thank for so far. Well... good night? Good night. The breakfast's ready! Oh wow. That's nice. Yes..

Thanks. Here you go. I have a question. How should I put it... Yes? Is there a mantra or something that can make a day get better and the world smile at you? Hello, sun, I am your ray! -And so on. -Yes. There is. What is it, then?.

Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee. -Then you got the right address. -Thanks. Now I will survive. Glad to help you. Ilia, you are a born artist. And, I guess, a bodyguard too. -But I am no Whitney Houston. -Yes. You are much better. I know. And very modest, too. I forgot a fork for myself. Was busy taking care of you..

-So, here is the plan. -Yes? After breakfast, we are going to the police. My Father... Father? My adoptive Father. He is the deputy chief of the city police. He will help us. And then I will get... to your test. It's a great plan. I agree to it..

Cheers? Hurray! Yes? -Hello. -Hi. Good afternoon. What a wonderful surprise! -We are on business here. -Oh, well. On business. Can't you just come by to see your old man or to introduce your fiancÓŠe? Stop that, please. Arina, this is Vladimir Nikolayevich..

-Lieutenant Colonel Baibakov. -Nice to meet you. Arina was attacked. Her passport is missing, too. Tell me more details. Sit down. I didn't see the attacker's face. He wanted to take my bag, but I kept hold of it. He hit me in the head. I fell down and fainted. But first of all I need to recover my passport. Well, this... Hello? Petrovich? Passport recovery is needed. Yes, it's urgent..

I will do the test. -Thanks. -It will be ready... It will be ready in an hour. -Oh wow. -I'll meet you here in an hour, then. -Ok. -Thanks, Ilia. Here. Write down your name, last name, patronymic and the year of birth. Thanks a lot. I will wait in the corridor, ok? All right. Don't touch me!.

I'll kill her! Kill her! -Calm down! -I'll kill her, and her Mother, too! Kill her! <i>The subscriber's phone is off</i> <i>or out of the coverage.</i> Hello. Let's go. Arina! You have decided to come? I called you but your phone was unavailable. The connection is bad here..

I went outside often as I was waiting for your call. But you can't spend the whole day out on the street. Do come in, please. Come in. -You are probably hungry, huh? -No, thank you. Come in. I will make us some tea. I have very good tea, you know. So... what about... the test? I want to know why you left me....

I mean why you left your kid. I thought it'd be... the best way for everyone. For everyone but me. I married Gena when I was 17. He was a horrible man. A gangster. The entire city feared him. But I was young, stupid and didn't care. I even liked that he was so tough. I was happy I wouldn't have any troubles next to him. Classical story..

And then... Then I met your Father, Victor. He worked as a singer at the restaurant. He was so much fun. By the way, you bite your lips just like him. Soon I got pregnant by Victor. But when you told him about it, he left, and you were scared to tell your husband, so you gave me away, to the orphanage, right? You've got a sharp tongue. Victor was very happy when I told him about my pregnancy..

Started fussing over me. ''Are you cold? Are you hot''? -And then he brought me a ring. It was... -A very romantic story. Will you let me finish it? I have talked to Gena, of course. Move away. -Gena! -What? I... I want a divorce. Now listen to me... and remember what I will tell you now. You bitch..

You will leave me... only in the coffin. Is it clear? Is it clear? And if you decide to cheat on me... You will forget who you are and what your name is. Got it? Huh? Look at me! Why are you standing here? I can't see. Move away. Let me watch TV. We had to run from the maternity ward..

I told Gena the baby was his and he pretended to believe me. Victor started saving money. He found a place for us to live. And then... a month before your birth... He died. What happened to him? It was classified as an accident. They said he was on his way home, being a bit drunk. Didn't notice a ditch, fell and broke his neck. He was buried in a closed coffin because... Because his face was beaten black and blue..

What happened next? Can't sleep, huh? Well... Aren't you weeping for your man? What? My man? What do you mean? I mean this brat's Daddy. Gena, stop it. This baby is yours. Don't think I am an idiot. I won't keep his brat in my home. I will drown that baby in the toilet and make you watch, got it?.

-Hello. -Hello. Please, help me. My husband mustn't know, or he'll kill both me and my kid. I can make a medical report about your baby... being stillborn. And what will happen next? It doesn't have to bother you. I'll take the baby to the orphanage. Somewhere far. Nobody will be able to trace any connections. How did you live with all this afterwards?.

How did I live? I partied. I drank. I took the camera sometimes but... it didn't help. It only made me remember Victor making faces at me and spoiling the pictures. And I wanted to forget who I was. Every evening I went to Victor's grave. I sang him the song from... when we first met. What about me?.

You? You were taken away right after your birth. I often thought that maybe it was for the better. Why would a kid need such a life? A drunkard mother, a dead father... And the man... who killed him. Yeah, the life's much better in the orphanage. Look... Why did you start looking for me now? Why didn't you do it back then? I have cardiac myopathy. It's not curable. Only a transplant could help..

But... don't pity me. I deserved it. That's a punishment from God for you. For my kid. But now I have found you. And I am so happy. I really want to... do something for you, to make up for all these years. Listen, I don't believe in fate, karma and stuff like that..

Do you know what the orphanage has taught me? Every person builds his or her own fate. You made your choice. You gave up your kid. And now you are trying to make it up to me, but I am not sure if I need it! Besides, the test results are not ready yet, so... Rai... Raisa! Are you all right? Raisa, do you hear me? -Are you going with us? -Me? Are you her daughter?.

-Yes, sure, I am going. -Get in, then. Come on. Where's Arina? You didn't ask me to watch her. Her passport's ready, but she is not here. -Your beauty has run away. -She's not mine, she's... My baby girl... God helped me to find you. Now I know for sure that He exists. Yes, of course. Please, don't talk, it's not good for you. Listen... You should come by just to see me, son..

-I am sorry. -It's ok. Hello? Passport? It doesn't matter now. I am on my way to the hospital. Hello? Hello? -What did you inject? -Morphine, in the car. You can't go there. Arina! -What happened to you? -I am ok, but... -But what? -Where's your Mother?.

What do you mean? You've just taken her to the critical care unit. Yes, but she's missing now. We left her for a minute and she disappeared, with a cart. HOSPITAL #9 I don't understand what's going on. She couldn't just run away! Look... Maybe she was kidnapped? Kidnapped? Who would need that? Well, someone must really need your Mom for something..

I don't even know if she really is my Mom. She is. Are you sure? Look. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE





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