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Breaking news: My marriage with Yemisi is over! Pst Joshua Iginla

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Опубликовано: 2018-12-28

Продолжительность: 00:11:33

popular abuja based pastor prophet Joshua INLA the senior pastor of the mega church champions royal assembly has announced the end of his marriage the statement was made during the church Sunday service held on March 3rd 2019 there's something important I have to tell the church today and it's very important I've taken time to pray about.

It and God has spoken to me I have also talked with great fathers of faith oh right and I need to say this to you briefly because it's very important to my destiny I am accountable to you as a father and that's why it's very important to have to say this to you as a father God has given me a wonderful family my.

Wife your mother and listen but has given me a wonderful family my wife your mother you in person no paso mi see you so I Gila and it has been a excellent family and what has been very faithful to us and we have gotten our shares of troubles and battles in life put ups and down and they are strong battles and we've gotten victories and some low victory I need to talk to you because.

It's very important I'm not talking to you as a father we're talking from the point of judgment but I'm talking to you as a father who wants you to pray for us and then a lot of the Holy Spirit to lead you I've seen a lot of between the cost of my marriage because of most sons who are very unscrupulous when a father has battles and challenges in life he needs to.

Confide in his children so that he can pray for him and people are both and on some children I've taken advantage of my challenges and battle in life and to create a lot of battles no problem are forgiving them I leave them to God and I pray that God help them and I pray that they don't see what I've gone through in life your mama is in America.

With my children and I doing well onion and you need to understand that I bought a duplex little bit fracas less than a million dollar for them in America a my children the best food in America the issue of what is happening that under to drop it away I mean father will love my kids and love my family I love everything about my family but you know when you become a leader a lot of people.

Play politics around your life because you I stopped assuming I'm not I'm not like some of you I wouldn't be under this attack so many pastors we didn't hire an outside they want to play politics with you so ideological just idea is a big man of God so you see oh man I'll talk he'll this that dad that is good I leave them to their conscience and I pray for them that God we help.

Them but I've gotten to a point in my life that I want to live longer and I don't want to die prematurely because you are having me here today because I'm still life and that's why you are coming if something happens to me this something has happened it did this that is why they he is dead but you not know the actual battles that have come up with a man of God I'm not talking here.

As somebody who wants you to judge a case I'm talking here as somebody who want you to pray I know that your father's taking a decision and then whether you abuse me will certainly our subjects but I want to live long I would have gotten to this point I know if I watch him all over the one I want them to watch me and hear those who are fighting me I want them to hear and so.

Fighting me and if you feel like to continue no problem but I I want them to know that there's no need to be doing gossip up and down then you hear from me my daughter sherrod forgive me because I have to talk because I hardly sleep my blood pressure is going up and I don't want to leave this world before my time and I knew you you know Amy gives to you and the body of Christ it's so painful.

That when men of God good rose to strike you are quick to destroy the stone abuse them say all sort of insult to them it's good we will receive it as a cross but that's part of our battery life there's no man of God at my level who wants to pray to good sue trials in marriage of battles in marriage nobody will want to pray to to have an equal loves marriage or a collapse family nobody know when.

You get to a level where you see some circumstances not beyond you you have two products I say pray for leaders pray for them pray for them maybe I might be the first man of God doing this in this fashion that is how I'm led to do it and I I want you to throw your stone at me abuse me insult me I will receive it but I want to stay alive.

If not for you for my destiny I am NOT a mother in the Lord we met and we had a wonderful marriage and before we start our we start by checking our genotype she was a a I was a s it's difficult for me to say but I have to say it this way and stop at a particular point and then we had a fourth daughter a wonderful child and eventually we discover she was sickle cell anemia a resolution we pray.

For people with sickle cell anemia Mira I saw it as a a battle and a challenge for me as your father which is its rayul of fate for me which is not a problem not a problem at all I embrace my daughter and we had good time in my family and that's all we floored with my wife and everything was cooking and then discover in the quest of time - was actually yes yes no problem.

It was not a battle but one thing led to another thing something happened which I don't want to go into those details and what happened is what we make him man to divorce his wife structurally I had it back him for that I had to cover it up to make sure that my marriage moved with your mother and that led to so many things so many things you see because I'm a man of God I cannot divorce my.

Wife because if I do all of you will say ma nobody's died was in his wife I chew it as a pill where eventually it brought an unholy tried into the matrimony which we can be peeled for me to chew and not wanting you to judge my wife or judge anything I just want you to just know it led to that and brought me we had serious battles here on their families interventions and everything we covered.

It we would have not gotten to this point today if my wife had listened to me when we had the battle I also went out on having child outside wedlock and then it became a battle in the family and so this battle has become a big one that's both some men of God are taken advantage of this pattern of that battle and sons who are under me were very bad a feed on the.

But we've tried I've tried for seven years to stabled the vamp oh well it doesn't not be I wanted to take the blame to be on me but I want you to know that is that they're from this point to that point as it is now it has become a pain because when your wife begins to fight you on everywhere you go insulting you training is after that I said Don fites me let's solve this problem in the.

Secret if we cannot solve it how come to the wall I'll confess my sins of the world receive the insults and into the marriage and that is what I'm doing today because the battle is bad he has pushed me to this point today that I'm confessing to the over I want the world to know I want to insult me but I said the day I open up to the world of what she because this but you didn't start as.

If Papa studied about you she pushed me to this and I covered her up and I did not divert stop and when mine came she brought me to the wall sanding everywhere I go my wife is calling people telling people sending pictures sending these she is so bad because I'm not sleeping I'm not sleeping I'm not sleeping at all and then children who don't know my story and searched me.

Unnecessarily I felt I want to end the struggle I wanted to be on media you sought me the way you want to insult me acceptably I'm not going to fight my wife I'm not going to fight about I've said a day you push a bleeder with up for seven years of knelt down I begged I have pleaded but she choose to make me a laughingstock before people and I said to her the day.

I come up to the earth and say this thing to the people it match the end of the union as we cannot cover me Connect connector if you are not in my shoe if you are not in my shoe you will not be able to talk the way I'm talking somebody shot fired so we I just have to end it him I want you to know this is way it is pray for arts and God me keep us all in.

Jesus mail can you stand up please everybody that's why we stopped today just pray for us if you love us does on

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