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ФРОНТ - Серия 2 / Военный детектив

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Опубликовано: 2018-12-28

Продолжительность: 00:50:21

FRONT Katerina! Vlad! My God! What happened? Did you get attacked? It’s not important. Please invent something: a flying ship, a time machine whatever. Just get me out of here. Do you want me to take you to Warsaw?.

It’s not far enough. Even the moon is not far enough to forget about them. Jupiter? Jupiter is a better option. And he has recruited her happily ever after. "High-bred German shepherd puppies for sale" ”Deliver the Head of Auerge laboratory Hutz to Moscow." This was like... ...like... Like a trip to Warsaw..

A trip to Warsaw? Maybe to Vilnius. Silly, this was like a trip to Saturn. I see. Turns out I also like science fiction. You probably flew around the entire Galaxy. I never flew above a bed. But now... with you... You’ve been to a concentration camp?.

Katerina. Please don't. I shouldn’t have! You have to leave. Go! Katerina, wait. Yes, I was in a camp. One month ago, I was transferred here and was made to work in a lab. We can’t leave the town, we can’t have outside contacts. I felt like... I needed to tell you..

I was interrogated by the Gestapo, I haven’t told them about you, but I may be followed. This flat may be bugged. I’m sorry I got you involved. Don’t say that. Let’s leave here. There are Germans in Warsaw too. I can take you to the Russians. Are you part of the resistance? I’m a son of a Red Army officer. My father has served in Poland since 1939. It’s not important now. What’s important is that I know who can help us..

It may be dangerous. I swear that you will never be taken by the Gestapo. I just need to talk to some people. Give me time until this evening. Please leave now or I will call the police. Please leave. Your results do not impress your instructors. "Martial arts: unsatisfactory; marksmanship: mediocre" So, you’re translator! And I was trying so hard yesterday..

You don’t have to translate it. Your boyfriend is unhappy. I would treat you right! You perform below expectations. I’m really ashamed, honestly! I’m not good at shooting or killing. I’m a thief, petty theft. That’s what my sentence was for. I’m talented with my hands, not with a radio or with a gun. Herr Commander thinks that you can do better than that. You don’t perform because you nothing motivates you. Now something will..

You’ll receive a mission of special importance. If you fulfill it, you will be able to come back and receive either money or a village in the Baltics as an award. If you don’t change your attitude, however, you will be hanged. Why didn’t you say so? I don’t need a village, but the money is good anywhere. The cadet is happy to be trusted with an important mission. He’s ready to take it on. Dismissed. - May I? - Please..

Thank you. Everything went well. I learned so much about her. Didn’t I tell you that a bed is the best interrogation room. Go to hell. Not so loud. It’s not so important now. We have new orders. Moscow needs Hutz and very soon. The operation is tomorrow. A guarded car brings Hutz every morning and drives him back in the evening. Katerina is our only option..

She needs to convince Hutz to leave the building during the day. This is when we have a chance to get to him. What about her? About who? She has to go. What do you mean? She’s one of us. No, she’s not. She’s not even yours. She worked for the Germans and you recruited her. You used her to get information..

Now that she has become a liability, she needs to go. And you’re the person to do it. Good job. It would be much worse if the Gestapo got to her. And made her confess about you. You wouldn’t want it, would you? I still think that this cadet is extremely unreliable. My friend, if this clown were a Russian spy, he’d try to be much better and not go from one scandal to the next. And would not try to seduce pure-bred German women. But....

Drop it. Excuse me, can I have his file? Thank you. Do you know that most of the cadets here are criminals? So, playing cards is an art form among them. One gets really good at cheating over many years. Do you want to tell me that this one doesn’t play cards well? The opposite. He managed to win playing against two experienced criminals. He is great at counting the cards. As you know there are 36. Yet he could not manage to learn the Morse code..

So? By the way, there was a massive fight after that game. And Schut was transferred first to Jorge, then to our school. He is continuing here in the same spirit. Yes, on the surface his actions seem to lack logic. But, think about it: now he knows over 200 cadets personally. He’s a real prize for counterintelligence. You describe this boy as if he were an old wise man. But I will prove it to you that he's just stupid. Be more careful, comrade..

I’m sorry. Was it you who raided a gang lair in Kotelniki today? Yes, so? I’m sorry. Where are those arrested? One moment. Semashko! There are two of our own. Thieves. One looks like a deserter. He carries like a former military. And two more are very suspicious..

One has a Hitler-style mustache. The other says he’s dumb. He says so, huh? Open up. On your feet. You’ll be save in the USSR. They know about your Auerge. They will help you cross the border. But they need help too. You need to make him leave the building. No. No, I can't. All you have to do is make him leave the building. Then we’ll fly to Moscow together!.

We will fly there? Will you build a flying ship? Trust me. There will be a plane. We will fly away. Together. All you need to do is make Hutz leave the building. This one. This is the dumb one? A circus performer? Who? Me? - You. - No, not me..

I’m a jockey. Races. I have six awards. Did you hear this? A jockey! Very comfortable: he tends to horses by day, and to ladies by night. A very good job. What? A good job. What a bridge! Germans can definitely do better teeth than the Soviets. Face the wall. Everyone stand still! Don’t move. A pike is often stitched into a seam. You need to search them better. I’m ready to cooperate!.

It’s not like you have a choice! Put him into a separate cell. I’ll send a car. - Do the report yourself. - Yes, sir. These intel agents are something! He’s not intel. He’s counterintel. What? The Special Department. Haven’t you read the orders? Then you should. Get him out. Sir! How was your first day? A German spy has been identified..

Good job. How are the superiors treating you? I’m still getting adjusted. It’s not easy to get adjusted to Comrade Khlopko. His upbringing is very specific. Very Tsarist. Ah, he’s one of those former ones. There’s no such thing as a former Tsarist. If he was, then he is. One thing: while you’re getting adjusted, keep an eye on him. Meaning?.

As a training. Then I’ll talk to you about what seemed interesting to you. One coffee please. About your idea: I haven’t slept for two nights. One difficulty: the charges need to be connected simultaneously. Do you understand? A regular explosion won’t give you this effect. I thought that... Do you hear me? Yes, of course. I must confess that this idea came from someone else. Someone who... Yes?.

He’s also Polish. My brother. He’s also a physicist. He’s in Frankfurt now. But not very legally. Is this his idea? Yes. I understand. He wants to works with us but is afraid that they’ll grab him. I’ll take care of it. Where is he? He’s in a cafe across the street. Let’s go..

I have so many questions for him. I need to talk to him. I do have to make a call. I beg you: he’s there by himself. And his documents... Let’s go. We’re coming right back. We need to meet someone at the cafe. Let’s go. Please understand that this is our chance. If we find a solution, we’ll get our lives back. - Germany knows how to value… - Polish immigrants? I suppose you will also win, if we succeed at....

Is this him? Why is there something always wrong with you? Come on. Let’s go! Let's run! Surrender! You’re surrounded! Hands over your head! Hurry! Don't fall behind! Come one! Come on, hurry! Here. Careful..

Right here. Hurry! Wait. Wait here. I think we left them behind. We’ll get killed anyway. Why is that? Not at all. Now we can leave here. The operation went well. We succeeded. He’s wounded. Damn!.

Stop squealing! I need a doctor. I need help. Yeah, what you need is a bullet pill. It’s better to pretend that we’re in a hurry. For what reason? I don’t know. Where are we going? Did they tell you where to go? Will they meet us? The situation has changed..

But it’s for the best. What the hell? We got attacked. Casualties. See? He’ll kicked the bucket without a doctor. So you suggest we whack him? Sanya and Fyodor died because of him. They were under orders. Here’s his briefcase with the documents. Get him here. You are a shame of Germany..

You had the role of not even the spring but the rod in a mousetrap. You managed to lose both the mouse and the cheese. Permission to report: one of the attackers is alive. Gravely wounded, unconscious but alive. He’s being treated. Go to the hospital. Immediately. I want to interrogate him in an hour. Hutz left the building together with his assistant Katerina Stur. I’d like to interrogate her. She disappeared during the shootout. Schalke, did I ask you where she was?.

I said I wanted to interrogate her. Yes sir. Your careers will continue at the Eastern Front. Who should I pass the files to? What goddamn files? The mousetrap serves no more purpose. Shut down the building. Eliminate the staff. Who’s there? It's me. Open up. Are you alone? Open up..

Coming. Are you by yourself? I’m sorry to burst in like this. This is Katarina. She is... Long story short: the Gestapo is after her. They’re after me too. But I need to talk to the Russians. Can she stay here for now? Please. Gestapo? Are you thirsty?.

Yes, very much. Wait. Was it you who were involved in this commotion at the Narrow Square? Yes. I see. So this was a real operation! What? What are you doing? What is it? When you talked about this, well, operation asking us to stop explosions we thought that maybe you... Listen, this woman is worth an entire tank division..

She needs to get to Moscow. I’m going to see the Russian and she will wait here. And you go the office and see what’s happening. Understood? Yes sir, understood. Are we here? They moved anti-tank barriers away. It’s a lot faster to get around now. Is this a sniffer dog? Drop it. You are the one who found me. Then explain to me why is it that I found you..

To help. They say that she was a good physicist. She has to be for Hutz to make her his assistant. This doesn’t mean that she was also a good agent. Too much for her female brains. Of course. Moreover, for a non-Aryan one. A man has recently appeared in her life? But there’s only one cup. She only has one. But the saucer has traces of cigar ash..

True. The owner must have seen him. Damn. If only these Gestapo idiots weren’t so greedy to spend money on some microphones. I wouldn’t have to predict future with saucers. Move it, Shalke, we are really behind. Look around thoroughly. You help me, I will help you. Are you hoping to recruit me? I cannot lose. Either you help me or they’ll put you before a firing squad. Or you?.

Your red friends will decide that you’re trying to get rid of witnesses. And you'll be sorry for your family. What do you want? Your counterintelligence is engaged in an operation in Frankfurt on Oder. It’s about Auerge. I’m interested in everything that they found out. Frankfurt, Auerge... Are you sure? I am! I’m also sure that you’ll get what I need by this evening. Where will we meet? Wherever it’s convenient for you..

In the restaurant by where you live. Let’s say at 9. The Russians created a new division of counterintelligence. Called SMERSH. You legend is that you’re one of their operatives with an important mission. Your mission will be to penetrate a camp north of Kursk. Wait... I think I don’t quite... understand your German. Do you mind… using an interpreter? There's a gallows in the yard for those who speak German badly. So, you say SMERSH. So, what about the mission?.

You will receive it when you get to your destination. This is your legend and information. Here, everything is in Russian. You must know the legend perfectly. Khlopko. What a funny last name. No time for laughing. You have to learn it by tomorrow morning. Perfectly. What happened? I wanted to find out about how it went..

Are you nuts? Is this football? Pretty terribly. Take a seat. We lost a man. Hutz is seriously wounded. We got his documents, but they contain such jubberish that In short, the mission failed. So, you have Hutz's records? Yes, we do. But what’s the use? I don’t know if they’re formulas or if they’re a code. I'll send them to Moscow. Let them figure it out. Did you do as told?.

Me? Of course. So, decoding these would be important? To understand what’s there. As far as I understand, this is about the revenge weapon that Hitler yaps about. A weapon that can kill a million with one strike. But it’s not important now. I just thought that since Katerina worked with Hutz... Did you not get rid of her? She’s in a secure location. I can do it at will. Give me the address. I’ll do it myself..

Listen, she’s a physicist. She worked with Hutz. Maybe she was taking those notes. If anyone can read them, it’s her. The address! Moscow needs these notes. What if they don’t decipher them? Then it is a failure. But with her we have a chance. I think we need to deliver both her and the notes to Moscow. They are already looking for her. And for you too. How will you get out of town?.

We will. And if not? And if not, then I will... Then I'll simply do the right thing. Fine. Then listen carefully. Who are you? I’m working here. I’m a driver. Where is your employer? Mr. Volni? So, you’re looking for him?.

I’ve been meaning to report his suspicious behavior. Could I talk to your superior? I think I could be very useful for Germany. What’s going on? Sir major, I wanted to help this investigation. I’m not a major. But you could still help. Sir major, don’t think I’m doing it for my own good. I’m a patriot of Great Germany! You’re a Polish dog! What did you want to tell me?.

Whatever you say, sir major, but even a dog likes to be fed. What would you say if I take this office and manage it? You will arrest Mr. Volni and all this will go to waste. What will you tell me? Today, he took a train to Leipzig. He’s with a woman, she's also Polish. All true! Three hours ago he came in a hurry, got all his money. He told me he’d call from Leipzig. This was for business. He didn’t take anything from the stash. From the stash?.

He has a stash up there. I don’t know what he has there. I can’t reach it. That plank. Yes, this is where. We’re leaving. - Where to? - To Moscow. The Russians will help us. Who’s there? It’s me, Jerzy. They’re looking for both of you..

The office is trashed. I told them that you took a train to Leipzig. I think they believed me. They started calling, blocking the station. Thank you so much. You’d need to wait a couple of days. I don’t have time to wait. I need to deliver her immediately. We have no time. I’m not leaving without you. I’m not leaving without him..

Fine. There's an option. I need several hours of preparation time. But if you go together, your chances get slimmer. - My report says it all. - Yes, I have read it. Strange. You’re sent after a specific target. You ambush it at a random spot. Not in a random spot, but where Auerge’s production facility is. Auerge is not the only facility there. You take the first car that passes. The car of the administrative services..

Supposedly a courier. So, every question has a ready answer. You so want to ask me a question for which I have no answer? I’ve been always taught that asking questions is the basis for counterintelligence work. My apologies. You were taught this in the Tsar’s counterintelligence? I never went to a university. My parents were hanged by the royalists. In the name of the Tsar and the Fatherland. So, I mostly rely on my own senses. I can smell the enemies..

You are dismissed. Got a letter from the outside? What do you need, Buchta? Are you getting deployed? Then we’re going together. We’ll get IDs of the Special Department. We can go wherever with it. Except for Moscow of course. This is freedom. I had a buddy who lived in Finland before the war. We can crash with him after the deployment..

What do you say? What was that? Come here! Stop it! You just don’t want to admit that I was right about that cadet. I’m just trying to explain that Schut is much smarter than you think. Then wouldn’t it be better to simply agree instead of provoking that fight? And then report to you about what Buchta offered him? Do you know a game of odds and evens? What’s more intelligent? To switch the rock into another hand or to leave it as it was? It depends on whether you think your opponent is intelligent or an idiot..

Then, my congratulations. Schut thinks you’re a smart opponent. What a surprise! Dance? Thank you, not today. I’m not in a mood. You haven't been in a mood for a month. What is it? I say let’s go to my place. You’ve been playing hard to get for a month. Come with me. Right now. Excuse me? Check please!.

You know what? Let me go, you’re drunk! Comrade major, let go of her arm! What? Bitch! I’m scared. Everything will be alright. I’ve known Jerzy for a long time. He’s very reliable. Can I ask you something? Yes, of course..

If we fail... please don’t leave me to them. Better shoot me. Promise? Promise me! I promise. Change. We’re going to an aunt’s funeral. What aunt? Mine or his, doesn’t matter..

We just to leave the city. No, this is mine. What’s this for? This is my new suit. This is my suit now because I sell material now. And you’re my driver. And she is my wife. It’s too big for you. This is all your gratitude? What do I do now?.

Stop and show your pass. Stop! Are you going to a funeral? Yes, finally! Where did you get that pass? The same place you get your dynamite. Are these mine? They’re mine now. And the company is my now too. And I’m good with Herr Schalke..

I’m a loyal Polish dog. Cut off the end, dog. This is the last one. Your passports. Here. Are you Polish? She’s my wife. Half Polish, half Austrian. Something’s wrong. What can be right if they’re looking for you? I’m scared..

You promised not to leave me to them, remember? I swore I would not. We may be burning. If you’re lucky, you will drive through the boom barier on a first go. Wait. Only when I say so. Such a great cigar! Thanks for the suit too. Very baggy. Even if we pass this checkpoint, they will still catch up with us. Don’t let them have me please..

Everything will be alright. Do you know about concentration camps? I’m not going back there. Calm down please. If you’re calling Herr Schalke, he already knows. Who’s Schalke? Great Cuban cigars. Is this her? I have secret orders to deliver this woman immediately. I have orders to arrest her. Go!.

Excellent German dynamite!

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