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ФРОНТ - Серия 3 / Военный детектив

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Опубликовано: 2018-12-28

Продолжительность: 00:50:01

Magdalena Gurska Pavel Harlanchuk Igor Chernevich Yuliya Marchenko Roman Ageev Yurii Ickov Director of photography Yurii Shaigardanov Art director Andrei Rozin Editing Director Konstantin Mazur Composer Filipp Chernov Sound engineer Ivan Rips Written by Dmitrii Aleinikov Directed by Vladimir Balkashinov Executive producers Svetlana Slityuk Vladimir Habalov Producers Alexey Moiseev Oleg Piganov THE FRONT.

Come here. It's okay. We finally got away. We need to drive a little further. After Jepin they will meet us and send us to Moscow. Where you will tell them about the bomb. The bomb? Of course, the bomb. Chain reaction is a giant explosion. Germans need this bomb and Russians need this bomb..

And they thought that Gutz will make them one. Katerina, listen. And they sent you to make me lure out Gutz! You lied to me. You lied this whole time. You didn't need me! You needed the bomb! Katya! - Ñalm down! - Let go of me! I hate you! Get up!.

Get up! You promised! You promised not to give me away! Hands up! Please. - Hello. - Hello. There is a guest waiting for you. What? Who is the guest? A woman. Semenova I.O. You made me wait..

You? You? Here? Well, you didn't come to the restaurant. I thought you didn't take my words seriously. So, I decided to show that not only you put yourself in a risky position, but also... I will... Then they will be killed. I do the negotiation..

People who sent me only know how to kill. So? What are the guarantees? You are an intelligence officer, you know the rules: we don't touch you as long as we need you. Fine. Our group transported some physics from Frankfurt. There will be an airplane somewhere on the south of Jepin, that will deliver him to our territory. That's all I know..

Nice doing business with you. Are you Polish? I'm here! I'm asking, are you Polish? Yes. Transporting a valuable employee to USSR? How do you..? Barely made it through the German post? We lost... Do you serve in the Gestapo or in the Abwehr?.

What? - I am a merchant from... - What do you take me for? Where are our people that were supposed to come? I know the password. I will tear this password out of your liver, fascist! Where is Katerina? The woman who... The woman you were trying to kill? She has already told us everything. How she was tortured, how she was forced to work..

I'll count to three. One. Two. The password is... "Birds returned to Warsaw". We must take them to the unit. Okay. But mark my words - they are spies. So?.

He's not going to make it through the night. Then there's no point waiting. Bury him, behind the house. What is it? Camp number? But what does it mean? I wish I knew. One got blown up and the other two got away? Yes sir..

What do you think about it, Schalke? Slavic self-sacrifice is worthy of respect. What? What is all this blasted nonsense? Slavs are inferior tribes with primitive consciousness. Only the most primitive consciousness implies individual self-sacrifice, for the sake of the survival of the family, herd, species. Ants and wasps attack the enemy, protecting their womb, and die without any hesitation. Even animals behave more rational. Higher intellectual consciousness must understand its value..

But the German soldiers... I'm not talking about that now. The Slavs are like ants, and they must be exterminated accordingly: by thousands, millions at a time, disregarding the destruction, and not endangering the lives of our soldiers. Head to the hospital. I want to interrogate the prisoner. Here! These two showed up..

Look like spies, especially this one. He knows the password, but... This one? Volnov. Vova, for God's sake! Right halfback! Scored us two goals In Lviv, and didn't bat an eye! I am a Polish merchant Vlad Volny, Pan coach Wozniak..

Polish? That means you will play for Poland! Then let's beat the Nazis really quick and get to the championship! What do we need to win? The is Katerina. Shtur. Panni Shtur. We need to transfer her to the Soviet territory. Both of us. So, this is her. Alright..

The plane is coming at night. We've prepared the whole stadium for it. You will be delivered in the best possible way! Both of you. Don't worry! But don't let us down! Win some gold for Poland! Otherwise, the risk is too great. Can we talk to the imprisoned? There're no imprisoned here. We have patients..

The patient is in critical condition and... not going to surviv if you start "talking" with him. I meant the actual conversation. Nothing more. Leave us alone. I... Not going to say anything? Save your energy. You'll need it when you want to answer my questions. You crave a heroic death,.

And willing to endure the torture. You'll not get it. We will bring a child from the camp here. A girl. And she will be tortured right here, in front of you. Until you tell me the address and names, or until she dies. But then we will bring another one. You can close your eyes and try not to look. But I don't recommend you doing that - their screams will drive you crazy, and imadgination will start flashing horrible pictures before your eyes..

You're sick. Savage. Light up! Light it up! Faster! Incredible. Is this for us? Let's go! Take it. Good. You got so hairy..

Getting wild. These two we need to transport? These. But who is she? Don't you worry. She is quite a forward! Germans! Bonfires! Take up the defensive positions! Jump!.

Down! Quick! They're encircling us! They've been waiting! It's impossible! Retreat to the river! They bypass us! Retreat to the river! Anyone alive? Who is alive? Damn it! You won!.

Kaput! Come to me! Right. To me. I wonder, what's the score? I believe I put down a dozen. Come to me! Quick! Yeah. Quick..

Come closer. Closer. Penalty. Looks like we're not going to make it there. We have to jump. Have you ever jumped before? No. Yes. I was a harcerz. Who?.

They are like scouts. Pioneers. Czuwaj! Get ready! Come here. Soak it in. Good afternoon, officers! Get out with your hay. We don't need it anymore. How come, officer?.

After all, I've made arrangements with your cook... I'm not an officer, dummy! And there is no cook in here anymore. But who is going to cook for your workers? All of our workers, got in a truck and moved. - Hey! - It's fine. Maybe I should deliver it to the new place? Get out of here..

Before I sent you, to the "new place". As you wish. Goodbye. That's it! I'm out of fuel! Time to jump! Did you memorize everything? Lighthouses, passwords, landmarks?.

Yes! Good. What about you? We will fly a little further. If we lead the plane further, you'll have more chances, to get to the frontline. They're going to die. It's time. Go..

Looks like my first time wasn't bad at all. We've never jumped in a forest. Only in a field. Be careful. That's it. We have to take it down and hide it. It's not going to work. We must make it work. I understand that the plane was shot down. I'm asking, have you found Gutz,.

Shtur, or someone else among the dead crew? The distance to the front line is decent. There're at least two crossings, on the way. They have almost no chance to pass through unnoticed. I don't care about the chances! I want to see them, alive or dead! Partisans became very active in the area. We lack resources..

Use the reserves! Involve the agents! Remove the infantry division from the front! The operation is under control. Do you want me to report that the mission's failed, because you couldn't cordon off the crash site in our rear? Send agents to the Russian frontline, in case they drag Gutz through it. Will do..

One more time. Yours are red and mine are black. Watch the lady, the little lady. Anis, Buhta, Lozun, Shut, Repa, Yushka, Vyalii! To headquarters, fast! Sorry, I owe you. We will drop you off tonight. Your tasks will be adjusted,.

To the new circumstances. What has to be exploded? I haven't got the name of the object. Those of you who didn't receive any direct instructions on the object, must penetrate into Russian units, and wait for the signal. So, we're assistants, great. Now get, and check out the gear..

Left face! Step march! Do you still doubt this guy? I still hope, that each of these bastards will play their part perfect. The plane was shot down in this area, but there is still a chance that the physicist didn't die, and wasn't found by the Germans. In this case, we expect that he'll be delivered to the front line, in the Velikie Luki area,.

Or south of it. Yesterday, the First was presented a report on the German uranium program. Now this situation is under special control. We can't fail this operation, Comrade Hlopko. Gutz must be delivered to Moscow whatever it takes. I'm thinking to send people to local "Smersh" units, in case Gutz crosses the front. But we don't have many. Use everyone who can be helpful..

Yes sir. Everyone, Comrade Hlopko. Regardless of the differences with individual employees. Yes sir. You said we need to head east. We are heading east. There is the sun. We need to take a little to the right. Did you learn that in charzers?.

I'm also a scientist. The solar orbit passes over the equator only in the equinoxes. Now the declination is about fifteen degrees, so you need to make an amendment. The sun is not the best reference point anyway. It's better to watch the stars. So where is the east? This way. Check the military units in this and this square. If Gutz is found, deliver him to Moscow..

Any questions? Yes. Is it a special importance tasck? I report to the People's Commissar on the progress of the operation. First is aware of the operation too. And I need to check all these squares, twelve military units, several thousand people? It's a tall order. Needle in a haystack. And the operation is controlled by the Commissar. And when the needle is not found,.

They will need the guilty one. Listen, Litvin. I don't like you, I don't trust you, and you know about it. But there is a war going on, and I have an order. So, I am ready to postpone our ideological differences until better times. Yes, it's a needle in the haystack. I'm not even sure there is one. But the outcome of the war might depend on the execution of this order. Attention!.

Eyes left! Quietly! Get on the plane! Quickly! Germans didn't even spare any dry rations. And we going to be late for dinner in Red Army. I just hope they don't kill us. You owe me three flicks! Yes, wait till we come back. Russian parachute. We are almost here..

There is the farm. We have a reliable person there. What if the Germans are there? See the shirt on the rope? It's a signal that everything is alright. Listen, and if it's just a shirt? If someone is just trying to dry it? You know a lot about atoms and stars, but nothing about house chores... Who ties the shirt over the sleeves? Let's go. Why is it so silent? - What? - It's too silent for a farm..

No pigs, no cows, no chickens. Chickens? The Germans probably ate everything. But the dog? They should have a dog? Maybe they ate the dog too. Wait here. Nothing more. No water? No water either. There is a stream down there..

Found it on the cabinet. Our grandmother was always hiding them there too. Thinking we wouldn't reach it. But we figured it out and stole it anyway. Did they kill the kids too? No. I didn't see kids. Probably hiding in the forest. We need to go. He has to be buried..

We can't. They will know someone was here. And we don't have the time either. We got to go. We got to go, Katya. Lozun go! Buhta get ready! Buhta go! Yushka get ready! Jump already!.

As you were! Jump at my command! Well, good luck. Maybe we'll meet again! Get off. Yushka go! Or we won't. Wait! Where? Who did you lose?.

Drop the gun. Drop it! Drop it. We were told you were a traitor. But I didn't believe it. Get on the knees. - What are you talking about? - Go ahead! Now I will give you the flicks. Hands up, slowly..

Listen, you can't shoot here. Russians will come. Don't you here how silent it is here? Anis get ready! Repa next! Look out! Your mission? Die! Your mission? Get off! I will beat you until you die..

I can't do it anymore. We must. We got to keep going, Katya. How much further? Around 100 kilometers. Maybe less. We need a rest. If not food, then at least some sleep. We have to keep going. At night..

Covertly. Moreover, you know how to navigate by the stars. We can sleep at day time. Just two hours? Or at least one, please. Okay. Get some sleep. I will guard. An hour is not going to change anything. Officer. They left a few hours ago. Dogs hardly took the trail..

Then we need to hurry. Who is this still life for? Burn it. Set fire! No need for high notes. Just come with me. You scared me. What kind of joke is this? The jokes are over. - Show me the blank. - What blank? Listen, your jealousy goes beyond limits. It's a telegram to my former fiance..

Listen you, bitch! Give me the black! Uncle goes to the funeral. And where is the fiance? You hurt me. I can explain everything. Of course, you can. Let's go. Those are robbers! Are you not going to help?.

Get in the car. And no tricks! Help! Help! The man is wounded! He grabbed one, and that second one... - Where did they run? - There! But help him! He's an officer, a major! Ambulance! No need. He's dead. I heard barking. - Heck, how did I fall asleep! - I definitely heard barking!.

So, we need to cross the stream and keep going. Dogs! Listen to me! We will now cross the stream, and the dogs will lose our trail. In the evening we will be at the ferry, and tomorrow - on Soviet territory. I will save you. Do you hear me? I promise! But we need to run! Allow me to pay my respect to the communications company! Should we split that between the whole company?.

Well it's actually not for the company. I don't know how to say. Comrade Kupcov, you must take seriously the issues of interaction between the branches of the armed forces. First, decide who and what you want to say, and then pick the flowers. Yes Sir. I mean... Misha..

Get out of here. Okay. Who is it? I'm Russian. Come out! Well, this is kind of awkward. You look militant, but would you put some clothes on? I will wait. - Are you there? - I'm waiting..

Get dressed. Just don't shoot anymore. Did you get shot? It's nothing serios. Get dressed, and set aside the gun. Okay! Wait! Damn it! It's nithing. Just a little bit of blood..

Step back! What are you, Comrade Corporal, came to the dance? There is an unidentified person in front of you, who penetrated into the location of the part! My fault, Comrade Senior Lieutenant! But you are injured! And what does it change? I can pretend, I can come with others! Okay. Lead me..

Stop! I go ahead. You convoy. Comrade Senior Lieutenant. It's accidentally. I did not want to! As you were! Good afternoon. - Hello. - Good afternoon, Sir. Where is the doctor? He went to the service yard..

Find the duty officer or the commander. Go, corporal! What kind of circus is this? Not for the first time. It's okay in the field, but not here! What a seam! I don't know how it happened! Enough, knock it off! Freely..

Good afternoon, Sir. How serios is this? Just a scratch. No going to intervene the mission. And what's the mission? Check everyone who crossed the front line the last day. Well, we have enough of that. - Can I, Comrade Captain? - Yes. Faster!.

I can't! Climb up and hold on tight! Listen, we need to split. - No! - Yes! Went this way. Run along the creek. It will lead you to the river. And from there you will go to the cape. It's nearby. The lightkeeper in on the other side. Tell him: Torzhok. Ìemorize: Torzhok - it's some sort of password..

What about you? What is it? Gutz's diary. I won't leave without you! This is our only chance. Run. No! - Run! - No! Run, silly! Or we both will get shot! Run!.

Katya! To the river! Fast! Run! Vlad! From Moscow. Russian counterintelligence sends employees to front-line units. Looking for Gutz. Which means they have lost him too. It equalizes the odds..

What about the wounded? Silent. Are you interrogating him? Yes, Sir, but he remains silent. The girl died, but he did not say a word. Then bring a boy. This is just a child! Give us the address! Stop the torture! Give us the address and he will shut up!.

You are Ian, right? Do you understand me? You will be tortured, until his man tells the darn address. Ask him yourself! Please! Bastard! Address! Go on! Tell them! Stop it! What?.

I will tell you the address! This is a house on the southern outskirts. Near the water mill. Eight minutes, Schalke. Learn to take into account the peculiarities of a defective brain: sentiment, pangs of conscience. What about the boy? Finish him. He is just a kid..

He is a larva, not a child. Do you think he will forget everything over the years and become loyal? I'm waiting for you downstairs, Schalke.

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