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Опубликовано: 2018-12-28

Продолжительность: 00:10:21

Help me help me Several of you have a look Ok stand up Run fast Return to the gate retreat Everyone attacked Lushan Ying Nan.

Ying Nan I want to stop her Dad, where are you going? Why do you want to call the name of Ying Nan? I have something important now. You are going back to the aunt's house. Don't run around No, Dad. Dad, what happened? Call everyone here today.

Is to decide the ownership of the fire butterfly The owner of the butterfly has seen it. Is elected by fair competition The heads of all the sects agree right? Chasing the Taoist Yes Everyone is very competitive It’s time to announce the result. Please, long eyebrows Yushan, a disciple of Lushan, took the sword out.

Ok After many tests You are strong and determined Is the master of the Golden Butterfly, which everyone recognizes. Golden Lingdie can live in this sword I combine the power of the Golden Butterfly with the sword. It will guide you to the position of the other four butterflies. From now on it only listens to your command I will definitely complete this task. Early collection of five butterflies.

Live up to everyone’s expectations End this fight Not good, head Report head Sha Yanhong took us to attack us Now we are attacking our door. I can't resist my brothers. The gate is about to be broken. Yan Renying’s hearing in Lushan Green sac in the market.

You bring your disciples to support Ok Ying Nan, Ying Qi You, this witch, dare to come to Lushan. Not self-reliant Only two of you still want to stop me. poisonous Her weapon is poisonous It’s not too late to know now. Green sac.

Go back with the injured disciple I am coming to fight with them. Ok, go There are not enough lessons for you three years ago. Let you come back today In this case We will have a grudge Qi Lingyun It turns out that you are undercover from the enemy. Gu Yi, you are just coming..

Help me kill Qi Lingyun Brother Gu Yi what are you doing Out of the door what master This is the last time I called you this way. I have been practicing in the ruins for decades. just now.

I want to change places brute Chasing the old man Can see your expression I am not far from running so far. Animal, do you know? Your brother is for her. Betrayed the martial art You see how bad he is. Are you today for Qi Lingyun?.

Do you also betray the sect? Ok, good. I am going to teach you today. Let you know the rules Gu Yi Chasing the Taoist priests The brothers will not betray the martial art. Brother, you are explaining to the head. Also explain what White brother.

This palm Also the love of the ruins of the market From today, I and the ruins Broken relationship Taoist, brother

所有人都要灰姑娘死,灰姑娘最后集四海八荒功力于一身,变成世间最强者 10:12


妹妹被女魔頭困住,哥哥騎火鳳霸氣護妹,沒想到仍不是對手,關鍵時刻神秘人飛箭相救 10:16


riddick dog 3:45

riddick dog

Màn đấu võ hay nhất trong phim "Thần kiếm tam thiếu gia đích kiếm". 18:47

Màn đấu võ hay nhất trong phim "Thần kiếm tam

Amαnecer Pαrte 2 - Lα Bαtαllα Pαrte 1. 10:01

Amαnecer Pαrte 2 - Lα Bαtαllα Pαrte 1.

Tiên Cô Thất Thánh Và Trận Chiến Thu Phục Yêu Thú Băng Linh✔️Tiền Kiếm Kỳ Duyên✔️Lady Drama 11:22

Tiên Cô Thất Thánh Và Trận Chiến Thu Phục Yêu Thú

小男孩不知死活跟魔女交手,直接被一刀斬,沒想到是魔女的兒子,魔女懵了 3:11


จูล่งฝ่าทัพรับอาเต๊า  | Chinese Hero Zhao Zi Long 10:26

จูล่งฝ่าทัพรับอาเต๊า | Chinese Hero Zhao Zi Long

神枪张响被鬼子多名狙击手锁定,八路女神枪手关键一枪吓跑鬼子 14:30


Thorin vs Azog - Full HD 4:49

Thorin vs Azog - Full HD

เดอะ เกรท วอลล์ 2016 เสียงไทยมาสเตอร์ - ช่วงเวลาที่ดีที่สุด HD 9:14

เดอะ เกรท วอลล์ 2016 เสียงไทยมาสเตอร์ - ช่วงเวลาที

Return To The 36th Chamber. HD Kung Fu / Bamboo Training Montage. 6:01

Return To The 36th Chamber. HD Kung Fu / Bamboo Tr

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